Please make Digi Jack kills count for Best Foot Forward

Its holding back builds that want to keep their Digi-Jacks up way too much.

??? - Pretty sure it works for me. It does have diminishing returns though. I don’t know the exact formula, but only the first DJ gets the full amount and each one after that gets a little less each time.

With Leadership (middle tree capstone) they do, not sure if they count without that skill

Ahhh… reading this again. Yeah, I guess I don’t know if DJs killing things count. Mine are blowing up all the time and I see the meter go up (and I have Leadership). But, I can’t say if it’s from Leadership or from enemies dying. I’ll test this later without Leadership and report back if no one else has confirmed it.

Sorry I did a stupid, BFF comes from you jacks dying, leadership has nothing to do with it (shouldn’t post so early in the morning)

If you have points in delegation and optimism you really should notice BFF working if you watch the bar, and in a fight they will last a looong time

And for the record, bugger all holds Tim back, even without BFF I still think Tim is the strongest all round VH on Elpis

I meant compared to an Exploding Digi Jacks Build.

Did the test. If you kill the enemy, you get the time bonus. If you’re DJs do it, you don’t. The description is a bit ambiguous, so I’m not sure you can call it a bug. It may be as intended.

Ive gotten Tims skills mixed up in my head I think… Leadership does affect BBF, which means you get time added when your jacks die, without leadership only your kills affect it, not the jacks

Kills made by Digi-Jacks now count toward the increased action skill duration of the skill “Best Foot Forward”.


This is going to be a great fix for BA Digi-Jack builds. I’m looking forward to it.

They listened! they listened! jumps up and down

It really is. Its going to make for a great mobbing build. I’m excited

Ohh this just made badasses much more powerful.

Yet made my explosive jacks even more ridiculously powerful! Yay!