Please Make DLC, Takedowns, and Maybe Side Missions Replayable

Just a suggestion to devs since I haven’t found much about it anywhere;

Please make DLC and Takedowns replayable within the same playthrough, at least on TVHM. They are good and I expect the 2nd DLC will be too! It’s a shame the only way to replay them is to reset the entire story. I would like to be able to reset the Takedowns and DLC independently of the main story.

Even side missions would be neat to replay, but I suppose with this there would be easy XP or reward items to farm, but it shouldn’t be any worse than farming a boss.


I do agree here. I was disappointed to find the only way to reset the DLC missions was to reset all missions from the campaign. That is a bit much to ask a person to do if they only want to run the DLC.

The Maliwan Takedown should be replayable, no? The slaughters and proving grounds certainly are, so I don’t see why the Takedown would be any different.

I can confirm that it is on PS4.

Yes, please! I was really hoping they would add replayable side missions in this game, was disappointed they didn’t (people have been asking for this every game since BL1).

I would like to be able to reset the DLC independent of the story. Great suggestion.


The takedown is replayable, if you travel to sanctuary and back, you can run it again. It’s essentially the same as save quit i suppose, but you do keep the same modifiers which could be good.

I’d love to be able to reset side missions only though. There are some decent mission rewards and dashboard farm/save backup is tedious as hell but a lot of people is doing this so why not allow us to reset side missions and make it fun?

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Yes and also things like hammerlock hunt and zer0 target of opportunities, 1 chance at a bekkah per character is stupid


This was already in all players whislist since BL2 DLCs. I don’t know why it’s not implemented in BL3.
For single side mission we should be able to replay it just by choosing it from mission log.


This made me sad. Old topic but still…