Please make DLCs!

I could care less about MODs. Honestly, MODs just annoy the crap out of me for the most part.

What I would love to see are some DLC Campaigns and yes I would pay to download some if they were as long as the HW1/2 Campaigns and just as detailed. You have no idea how excited I would be to see announcements when I fire up HW:R that there is a new DLC available.

So please, someone start making DLC Campaigns that use the default HW:R engine without any tweaks or adjustments.

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i would pay £13.50 GBP for Cata as DLC.

For reference HWR is priced at £26.99 GBP, one game for half the price of two seems reasonable to me. Actually i’d probably be willing to pay up to £20 for it as long as it was in better condition than the initial release of HWR.


If they fix the game, I’m sure lots of people would buy Cataclysm DLC/Expansion.

I wouldn’t for anything close to the game’s current state, though.


come to think of it a DLC campaign concept that is already sort of cannon would be a story charting the rise of the vaygr and the shrinking of the Taiidan empire set as a prequel to hw2 but post cata… obviously post cata. thats before you get into any of the open ended options with the other galactic races (the ones from the last mission of hw1) or the progenitors.

you could even explore a new galaxy through the super hyperspace gates that were unlocked at the end of HW2. although thats probably best left for a HW3. in fact you could do that and just make it a hw2 cata type of thing then have hw3 as us looking for the progenitor homeworld… cough cough the homeworld of us all cough.

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That’s not a very kind thing to say, Homeworld mods may not be the most varied but they’re still pretty good.

First berate modders, now you want them to make mods :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t fault you for wanting more campaigns however. I’m afraid ultimately I’m part of the annoying category, and while I’m making a campaign, it does have a couple adjustments for extending battles slightly.

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First off a DLC is NOT a mod. Sheesh! I would think most everyone would know that.

No, I’m fairly sure it just means downloadable content.

If you didn’t imply modders, you should probably not have used ‘someone’ :blush:

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DLC is, in fact, generally a mod.

Well let em first focus on the new features and balance but after that - sure yes… Either many smaller custom campaigns or a larger one also covering new minor factions.

Eventually Catacysm as well… With support frigs now working etc… I’m confident that mimics etc. can also get coded in.