Please make loot the universe affect non-legendary items

I would love to be able to target farm a protuberance with the right anointment since it doesn’t have a specific drop source. Please consider doing this.

This would also be nice for bangsticks, maddening trackers, quickies, and lumps… Not to mention good tediore shotguns.

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Also, I would love for the event (or something like it) to become a permanent feature. Let us buy loot playlists, or generate missions, that tweak what loot drops. Something to alleviate RNG without going overboard.

I prefer this kind of targeted farming to save quitting bosses a thousandfold.

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I was just saying that to myself. Myself and some others have suggested this before. Having loot specific maps feels extremely refreshing.

Yea, basically everything. There’s no dedicated source for purples now, not even by type. This event is a good opportunity to get one.