Please make side missions and vending machines scale to our level

Otherwise they are utterly useless .
And why did you take the share factor away.

They do scale, in TVHM. The normal mode is a story mode, where you can dodge the difficulty by grinding some level if needed.

Sanctuary machines always scales

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I’m not sure what you mean by ‘Share factor’?

I’ve never noticed they haven’t scaled. Where do you find vending machines that aren’t doing that?

before you complete the campaign they do not scale they will scale with the zone. After u finish even in normal mode everything including side missions will scale to your lvl.


Go back to old areas. Machines still had level 4 gear.
Just got a legendary that dropped at 25 and I’m almost level 40.

Ok I guess I have to finish the game in order for it to get good.
Really wish there was some balance

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If you mean trading with players you still can. You can also mail to friends. If you mean sharing with your other characters, you can as your bank is shared. If you mean all players see and fight over the same drops in co-op then switch to. Coopetition setting.

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I just finished my first playthrough last night with FL4K, so much fun.

I was offered Mayhem mode 1 after the credits rolled. I guess TVHM isn’t avail until level 50. I got to the end at level 39. I played for a couple of hours on Mayhem 1, OMG, what a difference.

I was getting around 150-200 bucks per safe and now I’m getting 1100. Drop rate for epic and legenary also has gone up significantly.

Enemies are definitely tougher, but it makes it more fun now to continue on with the fight as I had been mowing AI down prior to Mayhem mode.

vending machine is scale at sanctuary .and all side mission is scare if you select mayhem 1 as a base

I have to disagree with you on this. Mission & Vending machines ( at the location) should be scaled to their respective intended level in my opinion.

It give people options to overlevel (if they have difficulties) or underlevel (if they can) the contents.

Not fan of contents scaling to your level, until late game.

Then beat the story and it will be your level. I just too a second character though and beat the story at level 33. Now all the missions scale and I can use mayhem to level faster.