Please make slam relics and slam bonuses viable to use

I can’t help but feel let down by the fact that slam relics and passive bonuses that activate on a slam seem left out of VERY FUN ideal builds. Like they’re all so COOL and useful but they don’t come to play for some good reasons. You have to find something to hop off of just to use them and if you want to use them on an enemy well it can be a struggle sometimes when enemies don’t… you know… stay still or seem to be too far out. MOST OF ALL why in the world do they not activate on phaseslam? LIKE WHAT? Not even the great vault hunter aka Amara can even use them for her ability which is involved with her slamming as an action skill!? WHY!? I don’t understand. Would it be overpowered? Is it just not possible? Am I missing something? It just seems odd adding slam bonuses and relics without an actual focus around them for builds.

Amara’s Phaseslam action skill should tie to relics:
This would create so many problem fixes. Even if the relics and passive slams bonuses aren’t best for other characters a lot of builds could be focused on this character to create a lot of use out of them. COULD YOU IMAGINE IT? Phaseslam into a group of enemies then fireballs come down. (I HAVE A RELIC THAT DOES THAT BUT NO REASON TO USE) I literally been holding it this entire time just in case they’d make this change. I’m still waiting on that DREAM! I can create so many fun builds but since none of them activate on Amara’s phaseslam they’re just collecting dust in my vault and on my wall. SIGH. What’s the point of slam relics and bonuses if even the character who has a slam ability can’t use the tools to make it even better. If a slam relic drops I’d like to be excited knowing “HEY THAT’S A POSSIBLE BUILD FOR THE FUTURE” not. “Oh it’s a slam relic. Sigh I would of taken a slide relic over that at least.”

Slamming should be something you activate on your own no matter what:
Look although I could go on and on about why slam relics and bonuses should work on phaseslam. It should also work on other characters as well. This would give them an even bigger usage possibly even more builds than with just the siren. I don’t know if you could possibly make our characters either jumper higher themselves to slam or just make it so we don’t have to jump to slam just slam (like a stomp mechanic I guess as well) the ground and it will activate. Those two solutions were the most I came up with. (Thanks to Hammerlock sister for giving me that idea since she does ground slam everytime you get close to her.)

These are changes I try to look for every update because it just seems crazy to me that they haven’t talked about these yet. I hate how slam relics and bonuses are right now and if these changes aren’t made I just feel like this stuff will never be used or even acknowledged. In my opinion these were poorly executed as well. They had potential but didn’t make the cut. Slide relics on the other hand are fine can’t really go wrong with them but slamming ones hmmm why would I use them I got better options.

You’ve only got to jump of a object knee high to be able to slam, what is missing is an onscreen prompt to notify the player that they are above the height threshold.

Triple the artifacts power IMO. Slam is a good move provided it doesn’t lock you into a standing up animation… Which it does. For the most part I have been incorporating it and getting punished for it. We should be able to immediately sprint out of it, proc the shield/dot damages off the slam and sprint slide outta the heat.

Its early days so there’s hope for Slam.

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Pre Sequel did it right. There’s the issue of gravity in this game though


Yeah, it’s really not that great. You can’t trigger it without some kind of elevation and even if you have one, you are still better off just shooting because you’ll deal more damage (plus, hitting anyone with a slam is actually kinda difficult).

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I never noticed the lock in animation but now that you mentioned it now I can see what you mean and wow…that is punishing. SIGH why are they like this?? I hope they do something for these eventually. T_T