Please make the changes to anointed rates and rare spawns permanent

As the thread title says, please consider making the frenzy drop rates permanent. I understand concerns about shortening the longevity of the game, but bare in mind, this cuts both ways. Too little grind, and people might find everything they want, and stop playing. Too much of a grind, and people will give up and stop playing. Based on numerous other threads, it seems most people still have a lot of farming to do to get where they’d like to be. While personally, I’ve found more useful items from world drops than dedicated during this event, any boost to the dedicated drops is greatly appreciated.

While the event may not have met everyone’s expectations, I’m sure the majority of us appreciate the efforts to respond to issues forum users have raised. Keeping the drop rates as they are will help keep the game fun for those of us do a good bit of farming. For casual players, higher drop rates means a chance to actually get to experience content they otherwise never would have.

The huge variety of anointments is great - it gives dedicated farmers the chance to try out a huge number of possible builds. However, it adds enough variety to items that simply finding the base item is no longer the end goal. While options to reroll, say, a stat or anointment on an item would be a great way to deal with this, I understand that would require more resources. A simple solution, at least for the time being, is to let drop rates offset the new variety that BL3 introduces.

ETA: It seems a lot of people are (understandably) still unhappy about dedicated drop rates. I agree and I’m all for increasing them, but the improved anointed rates and the rare spawns appearing consistently is a step in the right direction. I hope the devs will consider building on those changes in the future, rather than reverting them. As such, I’ve edited the title to reflect that.


I would agree with you for the most part. The only change I would add is a boosted rate for dedicated drops then current.

I definitely agree - the dedicated drop rates are still quite low. That said, I figured requesting the current changes remain is more likely to get through than asking for an additional buff to rates.

Did the event even increase drop rates? I couldn’t tell a difference. I think there was some pretty compelling video evidence that the drop rate didn’t change (only a small increase in the number of anointed items).

Maybe change this request to: please make the intended drop rates permanent. Or maybe: please give drops a rate that is synonymous with frenzy permanent.


The most noticeable differences were the increase in anointed rates - which is most apparent with world drops - and the fact that (almost all of) the rare spawns spawn every time. Other than that, it is hard to say with a small sample size how much of a difference it made. I assume Gearbox has this data through shift accounts however. Given the choice between buffing the current drop rates and keeping the current frenzy rates permanent, I’d go with increasing them further. Still, we’re currently faced with going back to lower rates and running to bosses that mostly aren’t there, and it would be nice to avoid that.

I feel the anointment rate was increased, and possibly world drop legendaries. Dedicated loot honestly almost feels like a nerf


If this thread said “Keep the annointed drop rates the same.”, I would totally be behind it.

As it is, I didn’t even notice the dedicated drop go up. Not one single dedicated item I farmed did I get. And I go relatively hard(at least 75-100 kills multiple times a week per item).


Did you watch the video? 1000 kills before the event and 1000 kills during? The drop rate actually decreased by a small margin but is probably in the RNG range of just “no change”. How much bigger sample size is needed? That’s far larger than most people would ever achieve during an event like this so if you can’t measure a difference in 1000 kills it’s not much of an “event” and certainly couldn’t be classified as a “frenzy” of loot relative to regular loot.


I second this having 2 kids and a full time job leaves me with maybe 7 hours per week to play. I’ve finally gotten anointed legs during this event( still haven’t gotten my recursion after 20+ runs of general traunt but hey I’ll try before it ends on Thursday. Keep dedicated drops and annointed how they are if you are in mayhem levels.


That sounds high enough that there should’ve been some noticeable difference unless the drop rate was very very low to begin with. Out of curiousity, do you know what the drop rate was? And what boss was farmed?

I wonder if this was a mistake/bug on their part, if some bosses were effected but others weren’t, or if it is simply a miscommunication about what they intended to change. The rare spawns appearing every time and the higher anointed rate is a step in the right direction, anyway.

I suggest you just watch the video. It’s not that long but is quite illuminating. Whether this was a game-wide experience might be somewhat debatable but considering his results map perfectly onto what others had already been saying about the event (more anointed items but not more actual items dropping) it doesn’t take much to deduce that these results are more than likely game-wide.


Could we get the option to turn white, green and blue drops off? They’re just screen clutter by the time you get to endgame. Hate trying to get a second wind and not being able to see through the detritus.

Unless gearbox is trolling us by having some seriously high quality gear disguised as junk.

Thanks for sharing. Looking at the video, however, it looks like the anointed drop rate has more than doubled. It looks like the drops were weighted towards the less popular items, with a roughly 5% drop rate of the dictator (as opposed to ~11% on the Damned). It does explain why I only managed to get one Dictator to drop after farming Agonizer for a few hours.

Also, this is what the person who created that video says in a comment on the page:

"Just so no one takes the wrong message… I am not bashing this event because it is AMAZING. I am not saying that this event does not increase dedicated loot. Yes it did. I already made two previous videos on farming Rare Spawn enemies, Legendary Hunt Enemies, Enemies from proving grounds, I’ve also seen people getting more stuff from Wotan. The dedicated drop rates have been increased, just not on the Agonizer, so far from what I can tell. In fact it doesn’t matter that much because the EM-P5 and the damned are already common enough that they didn’t need a buff. But the Dictator definitely needs a little push. "

This is still a much better state of affairs than what we are going to return to when the drop rates go back to what they were. Frankly, I’m at the point in the game where even if the dedicated drop rate dropped slightly, this is actually a large improvement. If it isn’t anointed, there is almost no chance I’m picking it up, anyway. The more than double drop rate of anointed items on its own means that looking for a given item should take something like half the farm time - and that doesn’t even take into account the fact that rare spawns are appearing every run. With a good build, farming someone like Norman Bates is mostly running there - killing him doesn’t take much time.

I really get that people would like higher drop rates in general, and I totally agree. There are areas that really need to be looked at, for example items locked behind trials or the Blacksite drop rates in general. It also looks like the dedicated drops are weighted by the popularity/power of the item, which is unfortunate. I am worried, however, that with so little positive feedback for the event, we are going to return to having to farm two or three times as long for the same chance as an item.

+1 vote to make the temporary changes permanent.
I shall not go into lots of detail, i just think it would be beneficial to the game. BL3 has enough RNG that players can still get a lot from it, for a long time, if the current buffs stayed.
What needs to be weighed is; reward for time invested vs potential longevity of the game. Keep the players happy and GB will profit.

All I can say is that the results from the video paired with my personal results were that I didn’t notice much difference. I tried farming Gigamind and Killavolt because I have wanted a Transformer shield with an anointment that was useful to me. In my admittedly limited farming of those two bosses I got a total of 3 Transformer shields (1 from Gigamind and 2 from Killavolt) and none of them had any anointment at all. It was a complete waste of time.

I definitely understand. Even with something like double anointed rates, for something with a lower drop rate of 5%, you’re looking at something like a 2% chance of finding an anointed version, let alone the one you need. Its better than the maybe 0.8% chance before (based on the video) but low enough that its going to take a good while. After 7ish hours farming for a 100% ASE Cutsman, I didn’t get what I was looking for either. I did manage to find a nice phasecast one, and have been having fun with that, but I was hoping to find something to take on Wotan with Fl4k, and that obviously isn’t much help on that account.

Anyway what anointment are you looking for/are you on PC? I’ve been fairly lucky with world drops during the event (which I think was the big upside of it) and found handful of Transformers. With a bit of luck maybe I have what you’re looking for.