Please make the next Raid Boss easy to get to

Simply put, I don’t think it is good design to lock hard bosses that might take you a number of attempts to beat behind some kind of Gauntlet. I wanna be able to try over and over again without having to fight through an entire map that itself is already fairly challenging, particularily if respawns are disabled like in the Maliwan Takedown. That’s just frustrating.
For the next Raidboss, either give him a full map of his own or place a nice little NewU station right before the fight, just like with normal bosses in the game. Making repetition more annoying isn’t the same as adding challenge, it just adds grind.


I’d like both. I do miss the old raid bosses that you could just drop into but I enjoy the Takedown too, it feels like there’s more at stake when you get to Wotan as if you die you have to repeat the run up to him. I’ve done the Takedown with others many times now but I still get a bit of an adrenaline rush when I get to Wotan for this reason.

But yeah, old-style raid bosses would be great for when you don’t have as much time to play and just want to fight a difficult boss.


I too am enjoy both. Well said.

More of both, if it pleases me lorts.

Also, add an underwater world raid with flaming beams that spin around, like Super Mario OG with that same jamming ass underwater music but with electric air guitars played by High-Five Torgue Flexington


here is a thing you can not practice and experiment with a fight that takes so long to get to. simply put it is hard for casual to somewhat invested players to git gud enough to learn bosses phases dodge attacks and derive strategy for each stage and plan accordingly.

all we rly do in bl is find an easiest way to cheese it but for most people the game does not consist of abusing broken interactions with recursion brainstormer redistributor or stickies for zane. some people go there and fight with regular good guns and matching elements and all and still get destroyed and they have to go through a sequence that is time consuming for them, to try again but better this time and they die again and that is it it is time to work tomorrow.

getting an experience to fight the boss is your best asset not gear, you can drop on every vault boss instantly or farm other bosses on maps by realtively close run from nearest respawn station, which allows for quick combat experience gain, i can easily see why biggest part of player base would give up on even learning how to beat wotan because it is a drag to get to him and bridge sequence gives absolutely nothing rewarding.


This is my biggest issue with the raid.

I like the mobbing to get there, but once there, the reward should be the unique fight that the raid boss gives you.

We should be able to respawn directly to Valkryes and Wotan after the initial mobbing portion is over.

No one gets excited to run through the bridge after getting killed by Wotan - it is painfully frustrating.


I wish the checkpoint was at Wotan, going through the bridge sequence over and over again is not something I am very fond of

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It’s almost as if you were reading my mind! lol

Seriously, I love that you have to fight your way through different areas and waves of enemies to get to the final boss. If you had the option to fast-travel directly to the boss arena on subsequent play-throughs, that’d be cool too.

Edit: Maybe make it so that you get the really big-ass loot if you do the full raid.

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The mobs are significantly easier than Wotan which exacerbates the feeling of annoyance. But as someone who prefers difficult mobbing over raid bosses, I’d miss having a dungeon portion in the next raid…thing.

I guess adding a New-U station before the boss is the best option, or maybe an incentive so that the mobbing portions don’t feel like padding if you do them.

Also besides a checkpoint before the boss it’ll be easier to have my fallen VHs to respawn. I keep getting dead VHs and I’m tired of suiciding myself to start the bridge area all over again.

Doing the raid boss scaled up to number of players alone is annoying as hell. My fingers hurt and I don’t have the time to stare at my tv playing shoot and survive with the boss and enemies trying to down me… or else I get sent back to bridge again

Bowser hidden raid boss confirmed!

You could also add an old school beat em up/action rpg “rank system” like DFO or Dragon Nest (if you haven’t played either think of Devil May Cry style).

You get an S if you clear MT deathless, then subsequently decreasing ranks for how many times you die. Have these tanks affect your drop rate modifier.

This way players who become experienced with the takedown can guarantee themselves better drop chances and this inspires people to improve at their runs.

Add a respawn point before Wotan because in this scenario the penalty is already accounted for.


In my opinion The Takedown is the raid and Wotan is the raid boss.

All of the Trials have a boss and I’ve not seen anyone clamoring for isolating them.

If a “raid boss” is just standing in a field like Terramorphous, Hyperius et al. then it’s just a bullet sponge. There’s plenty of those to pick from and many are considerably more challenging cough Killavolt cough

As for the gear locked behind the wall, I’m fine with it but there should be some reasonable expectation of getting one.

I say go full Digistruct Peak, you die you restart, mates die they get relegated to support from afar, and if you survive you get a guaranteed drop from the pool.

That’s not a valid comparison. The trials bosses are just juiced up variants of normal enemies with barely anything unique to them. Wotan on the other hand is a brand new boss with a unique model, unique attacks, several stages that change the fight drastically and a unique lootpool.

The reason people weren’t asking for isolated trial bosses is that they aren’t very interesting or difficult fights. Although there have been complaints, particularily from Fl4k and Zane mains (Fl4k more so than Zane in fact) because they had their M4 class mods gated to trials.

You don’t need to learn or trial bosses because they are incredibly easy, the challenge merely revolves around killing them as quickly as possible to get the best completion time possible.

I’d also argue that Wotan is more than a bullet sponge and would make for an interesting and challenging fight on his own, whereas most previous bosses simply were poorly designed.

I think if all you want is a good Takedown, the boss doesn’t need to be all that special (and if you recall, the Digistruct Peak Boss really wasn’t unique at all, it was just a juiced up TNK type enemy which doesn’t really make him all that different from a trials boss). On the same note, a Raid Boss very much needs to be to hold his own. It is not a good idea to combine the two concepts, that just creates frustration.

The way the Takedown is designed just doesn’t make me wanna re-try if I fail somewhere. A good challenge would get me back into the fight, re-think and change up builds and strategy until something works. The Maliwan takedown usually results in my ragequitting and doing something entirely else whenever I fail because it fails to be challenging without being frustrating, it just isn’t fun to grind yourself through a hard map over and over again to have only a chance of success because the last boss himself is a wall that requires a different approach.

Besides, not every mobbing build is good for bossing and vice versa and it would be nice if you had a way to change builds before fighting Wotan (you might remember that all raids in Bl2 actually had a quick change station at the arena).

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I am so surprised that the takedown doesn’t have a respec station. We had one at the peak.