Please, Make The Ogre Great Again!

as you can see in the picture there’s a lv.57 kinetic x2 kaoson and a lv.60 x2 ogre.

for testing i unequipped all my gear and respecced so i’d have 0 skill points allocated.

the lv.57 kaoson does 8237 on initial impact and when the stickies explode for a total of 16474 damage, while the lv.60 ogre does 7137 on impact and that’s it… no secondary explosion or whatever to give it more damage… basically no accuracy, so headshots are almost impossible to make.

as it stands right now, the lv.60 ogre does about 30% of the dps the kaoson does while being 3 lvls higher than the kaoson.

the ogre has less damage (while being a higher level), less fire rate and much less accuracy than the kaoson.

the ‘‘ogre’’ is one of moze’s main weapons for blue/green tree builds.

i know gearbox is looking at vladof and other manufacturers right now… but please, just make the ogre viable again?

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big oof and its also a overrated trash on bl2 , i never understand why people use it when the time to kill is worse than kerblaster

Because it’s reliable and much more ammo efficient (4 times the ammo per shot for only about double the damage on the item card) and it also has a chance to randomly further boost its stats. The Kerblaster can end up killing you just as easily as your enemies and uses 4 ammo per shot. It also cannot crit, making it borderline useless on anyone other than Krieg and maybe Axton.
Also, nostalgia, with the Ogre being a returning weapon from Borderlands 1 and of course the Ajax Ogre Hybrid.

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Also, those sweet 13% accuracy on that Ogre. I think the Ogre with the double prefix may legit have the lowest accuracy out of any weapon in this game.

ammo efficiency was never ever a problem, until peak opener exist . even we accounting random boost its still worse than kerblaster , ive never seen anyone use ogre consciously going for crit 1. bullet speed 2. spin barrel initial random rof can mess your aim up , ogre itself aren’t really all that accurate in the first place . a lot of people just shoot at the body anyway, why not use a kerblaster so u can stuff shooting at the floor

ogre itself is useless for other character too , the difficulty to obtain it compare to their best in slot for other 4 character is also laughable.

That’s really the only reason it wasn’t used more than the KerBlaster. You needed DLC for it and it dropped only from one enemy during one particular quest and not below a certain minimum level and it wasn’t even guaranteed and the quest you had to do was also one of the harder ones.

That aside, I wouldn’t call it useless on other characters, at least by far not as useless as a gun that cannot crit. Like, with Gaige, using it is actually a recipe for getting yourself killed and both Zer0 and Maya primarily boost critical hit damage rather than grenade damage or explosive damage and simply will make better use of the Ogre.
Salvador… Well, he’s Salvador, he gets away using basically anything.
The KerBlaster was really good for Krieg, good on Axton and pretty much unusable on every other character. The Ogre is still good on Krieg and Axton but it also doesn’t suck on other characters.
And since you have already mentioned bullet speed: Yes, it’s bad on the Ogre, but it’s still hell of a lot better than the slow old rocket you get from the Kerblaster, making it utterly useless against fast or flying enemies.

Gaige , literally nobody would ever intentionally bring non anarchy synergy item in their inventory, ofc there is exception on it but its not the point so ill not talk bout it .
maya and zero does not primarily boost crit , maya only have a single crit skill and zero have only 2
And zero deception crit bonus does not work .

speaking of flying enemy, why would anyone use these two gun against them ? the point im making is slow bullet can make hitting crit a lot harder , they both have 0 problem hitting the enemy itself. ugh maybe ogre does suffer a little when it comes to marauder since they move around quite a bit and dont have the splash radius to shoot the ground instead.

anyway i wouldn’t bring any of these unless im on axton , even krieg have so much more better option for him and take way less effort to get

That’s 2 more than he’s got for most other damage types.

I am aware, however a crit out of deception still does more than a normal crit, simply because you calculate off a higher base value. Both Maya and Zer0 also have access to projectile speed increases.

The Ogre actually actually has a 100% splash radius increase compared to regular Torgue ARs.

that doesn’t really mean anything, its not good enough for u to shoot the ground instead . lol were arguing bl2 stuff on bl3 category . anyway im done talking

I would love an Ogre boost. In fact all Vladof weapons need some help, particularly the Shreddifier.

That said, I’m still using my x2 consecutive hits Ogre on M10. With Moze I currently have 10/5 in TCP and with Short Fuse it does some work. Outside of that kind of build, it is pretty weak.

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