Please make the PS4 60 Frames!

This game gives me an instant headache and I will def be playing OVerwatch because of that alone. Please give us the option to lower the res and increase the frame rate! You can’t have a game that’s this crazy and this colorful and competitive and have it run at 30! It doesn’t even look as good as the handsome collection which runs great!

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I agree. Battleborn is amazing but it gets super choppy. They need to enable 60fps, get better servers and most importantly enable us to dial back the appearance a bit if it gets to bad. Sometimes looks need to be traded off for quality. Other than that amazing game. Please fix the lag somehow Gearbox. PS4 users are suffering.


The framerate rarely budges from 30 and when it does its by 2 or 3 frames.

Its certainly not as smooth as 60 obviously, but if you need 60 fps you will be hard pressed to find many current gen console titles that hit that mark


Most big FPSers are 60fps on the PS4 these days. Usually at a slightly lower resolution of course, but still looking and playing great.

Firstly: looks are deceiving, since there is probbly alot more going on than you might think under the hood.
Secondly: it’s a stable 30, and I really doubt you get much more out of it. If it was a fighting game, I would agree, but it is not.

Killzone Shadow Fall is only 60FPS in multiplayer; singleplayer is 30, 60 if you unlock the frame but as soon as enemies are on screen it goes to 30.

Uncharted 4, while not a FPS, is 30 FPS in the campaign mode.

I’m happy with 30 fps personally.

I’d prefer an increased field of view over 60 fps.

In terms of PS4 FPS games…the following all ran at 60fps.
Battlefield 4
Battlefield Hardline
Blacklight Retribution
Call of Duty Advanced Warfare
Call of Duty Black Ops 3
Call of Duty Ghosts
Star Wars Battlefront
Wolfenstein The New Order
These are just FPS games, plenty of other games run at 60fps such as Paragon which is another MOBA style game. Like I said they run at slightly lower resolutions, but obviously frame rate trumps 1080p for these games.

Since Battleborn uses a modified / tweaked version of the Unreal 3 engine (which is 10 years old), it’s pretty unlikely they will be able to get much more performance out of the game unfortunately.

Iirc, it uses tech from Unreal 4, making it rather Unreal 3.5.

I feel like they mentioned patching in the pcs fov slider to the consoles.

This would make such a huge difference. Melee gets very disorienting with such a narrow default fov

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Oh, just realized I forgot one other PS4 shooter that ran at 60fps…
Borderlands The Handsome Collection by Gearbox.

Wait for PS4 NEO!

I am!