Please make Void's Edge Wolf Walker death more forgiving

This may be a contentious issue, and this is a suggestion based solely on opinion. Here it goes…

It should be very difficult to lose PvE activities. Right now, The Algorithm has the balance right. You have to run out of lives, and then die, to lose the mission.

Void’s Edge has that right with the lives. It doesn’t have it right with the Wolf Walker. If the Wolf Walker dies (which is very likely in the last section of that escort mission), the match is over. 30 minutes of gameplay with nothing to show for it. In random matchmaking, it’s about 50/50 whether your team even shows up for the last section, and in my experience it’s almost a certainty you will be down 1-2 players (from quitting/disconnecting at various stages of the mission).

It’s very unforgiving, especially for the non-Hardcore version.

Perhaps when your escort target is killed, you could reset at a checkpoint, with the Walker on the same health he was at when you reached that point (or on half health maybe?); and everybody down a life.

That way, players can learn the encounter, try new things, be spawned at the fight instead of still jumping around the lava cave searching for boxes, or killing squid monsters, or diving into lava-related deaths. It’s still a tough fight, but more forgiving for first-timers in a matchmade setting.

Do what you like for the hardcore version, obviously.

Im not sure how long you’ve played, but i felt the same way when i first started playing. After getting more comfortable with the game I realized that most characters can solo most of the run and if you have help thats great, but can’t always be expected in an online game, especially one where NO ONE wears a mic… That last part is a little tough but there aren’t any varelsi “dogs” that spawn only really the slow moving Skulks so you can usually kill them all. Another thing you can do is make sure that you save up your credits so you can use them on upgrades like the gun and the shield on the Wolf sentry. Maybe Gearbox could institute a tutorial run for everyone that resets you at a checkpoint, until you get a certain score so they know you understand the run.

My biggest piece of advice would be to play the game more, I failed the first 5 or 6 missions i did when i started playing and almost stopped playing, but then i finally got the hang of it (and unlocked mutations and good gear for my favorite characters) and the game became a lot easier.


Oh I agree with you that the fight is easy when:

  • You still have a full contingent of allies. (It seems there are more enemies in a 5-person raid than in a 1-person raid, even if 2-3 people drop out of the match early. This is just a general feeling though, I have no numbers to back it up.)
  • Your remaining allies are at the fight. (If just one person runs through the lava cave to the wolf walker, it will jump away, start the checkpoint, and varelsi will begin to spawn. Meanwhile, the rest of the crew are still working through the cave and so not helping with the fight - or even aware it is happening.)
  • You activate the turret or shield (or have 800 shards saved). (But this is not intuitive your first playthrough, and you can’t “sell” activated gear to get back shards in an emergency.)
  • All of your remaining allies know what they are doing or listen to mic chatter. (As three people stand on the activation plates and your fourth, instead of joining you to progress the mission, continues to fight the non-stop-spawning enemies.)

My point is, there is no real purpose to checkpoints in this mission when a dead wolf walker ends the whole mission. Perhaps if this happened at the beginning, it would be okay. But this is just before the boss fight.

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I disagree with this statement. I have completed this mission at least 8 or 9 times now, with a full team and as few as two members (myself and another), in teams full of new players to teams full of more experienced players (as experienced as one can be in a beta), and have never seen the Wolf sentry die yet. The closest he got was about 20%.

I would recommend utilizing the ability to heal it using 800 shards (which heals nearby allies, too!). There are tons and tons of opportunities to get shards in that mission. Several areas have multiple large clusters and I often have a few thousand extra after buying my gear that I invest in the sentry as well as building turrets when I can.

For the part where he is breaking down the wall, make sure you use the four turret points (two flanking the stairs, and one on each side part) and if needed, keep him healing. If you do not have enough shards to do this then your team has not done a good job of farming them at the many locations along the way. As mentioned, you should have thousands and thousands of shards available.