Please make your "nerf" pvp exclusive

I’m not going to sit here and list off ever problem in the game say this this and this needs to get fixed allot of the problems bugging pve can’t be fixed in a hot fix .

but I will say that re-balancing these people for being too strong in pvp might just kill them in story.

Currently allot of the strong very broken people in pvp are actually not very useful in pve and it’s a major shame to them become less worth playing just to see them be balanced for pvp. I believe the only way for this game not to split in half where some heros are only good on one game mood is to separate pvp and pve stats.

You seem to think that “allot” is a word. It is not. The word is actually two words… “a lot.”

That would be better suited for a pm, please be constructive in your posts by being on topic.

@chriscuccaro They have always talked about having everything the same pvp to pve so we most likely will not have 2 forms of a character.

Also this new hotfix shown today does have a lot of story fixes in it.

Actually, it is; it means to divide or share. I guess predictive text is the guilty party here, rather than ignorance. Please be more forgiving of other users. Thanks.

Well … ISIC for example was pretty ludicrous in story too … melting away everything with his ultimate while being pretty much unkillable cause of the wards and whatnot. Solo advanced was easy mode with him (and probably still is…)

Other strong PvP characters like Mike and Marquis do pretty well in story too. Galilea maybe not so much, but that is a common problem among the meeles …

Overall you should consider that this is a teamgame after all … I don´t think it has to be balanced (or preserved) to the point where every character can solo story missions equally easy.

edit: may i ask what specifically made you rustle your jimmies?

Okay, I suppose it is a word, but it means something completely different.

I am being forgiving. I was hoping that in the future he’d start using “a lot” and would not have to worry about this.

There is nothing else to say to him except for that they aren’t going to be making multiple versions of characters, one for pvp one for pve. Plenty of games have balanced pvp and pve and I’m sure this game can figure it out, too.

My first time playing Galilea in story with 4 friends that I normally play with I had over 120 kills past the next player and over double damage delt of any other teammate.

Usually with them I do lead the kills but by maybe 10-20 kills, not 100+

Balance is important in PVE like PVP because there are stats and people don’t like to play with broken characters that make it less of a team game.

Didn´t know she was that op in story too …
but then I understand even less where the OPs problem lies.

Weren´t Galilea, ISIC and Miko the only ones nerfed?

Yeah in this hotfix, but others have been in previous patches. Balance will continue to happen through the life of this game.

The only thing I would look it is maybe changing some of the enemies for solo play. There are some heroes that just are not suited for certain missions solo. Rath for example is pretty bad on the isic fight mostly because he has to get in close for melee and doesn’t have enough hit points to survive being trampled while he’s attacking isic legs.

I don’t know how feasible this is but it would be nice to play with favoiryr characters solo (at least on normal difficulty). As it stands I am shying away from certain heroes on some solo maps because it is just too much of a slog to win.

I sure hope so.

I was mostly thinking about characters being able to solo a mission or not btw. … I assumed that the OPs concerns were based on that. Balancing characters with that in mind is what I would reject.

Within a group balance should otherwise obviously work out quite similar for PvP and PvE.

My first time playing Galilea in story mode was solo, and it was not pretty. It was on The Experiment, which is a bad choice for trying out a new character. Although perhaps the revised health stats will make it a bit easier?

Agreed. I don’t care too much about whether I was the top scorer, but I do at least like to see that I was contributing to the team and not being carried totally by every one else.

There just are going to be some that have a harder time in some missions than others, Miko for example might not be the best to solo with, or melee on the Algorithm. But there are 25 characters and more coming to play with.

Indeed. I found this out the hard way. (1 hour session with rath only to die on the last phase of isic fight).

It’s just the last phase of the ISIC fight, and it’s doable, just takes a little time and patience