Please Merge Oceanic Matchmaking Region

Dear Gearbox,
Currently Australia and New Zealand have different matchmaking servers. It’s actually impossible to find a PvP game in NZ. I have to switch my download region to AU. Even then, it’s take forever to find a game in any mode. I usually have to sit in the queue for upwards of 30 mins. I am on PC myself but I heard from friends that it’s even worse on PS4. For the love of Solus please merge the 2 regions together. I might not even mind if SEA is also included.
A Concerned Fan


I’m on PS4 and play with other Aussies and we’ve never had this problem. Unfortunately we tend to suffer from very slight lag (Hardly noticeable and barely detrimental) and the occasional lag spikes which last a few seconds but that’s about as bad as it gets for us.

In NZ the population is so small and the fact that you can’t change matchmaking region on the consoles is a huge setback for the players. There is however definitely some sort of a glitch on the matchmaking on PC. It takes way too long even at peak time like right now.

“I might not even mind if SEA is also included”

I’m from SEA over here and it takes over 30mins to find a single game online, so I would love for this to happen if the server location is good for everyone who have access to it.

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I think expanding the servers to regions like Oceania, Europe, and Latin & South America would do wonders for the matchmaking in this game. I’m in the USA, so matchmaking is working just fine for me (maybe Canada can be merged with us if they’re having issues), but matchmaking based on countries doesn’t seem to work, bar some exceptions (and the US has states, which are pretty much countries, only we speak the same-ish language. I’m pretty sure you could tell the difference between a New Yorker and a Texan.)