Please Move Lootpocalypse

It started with a slow rollout of discounts. At a time that wasn’t precisely advertised. And now a majority of the community believes it’s not even in effect, or something much worse is. There’s a new patch coming, and it will change much of the game and hopefully bring in new and old players. So why not just cancel this one, and move it so it’s posed to capitalize on a larger player base? Assuming of course, that it’s not currently working, a shift code or two and a rescheduling should fix things. Thoughts?

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Too late now. You can’t stop the ball once it’s started rolling.

I doubt this will be the only Lootpocalypse they’ll have, so we’re bound to see another in the near future

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Hopefully GBX learns their lesson, and the next time they do a “Lootpocalypse”, they actually increase the drop rate for legendaries!

As things currently stand, because RNGesus hates me, I’m getting worse legendary drops this weekend than I’ve had ever since they raised them.

Same, I did get one Firmware, but that was after several Advanced runs.

It may be extended so that’s good enough for me!

[quote=“epicender584, post:1, topic:1541058, full:true”]Assuming of course, that it’s not currently working, a shift code or two and a rescheduling should fix things. Thoughts?

They’ve basically admitted that, even if there are no bugs, it’s not “working” because people don’t feel like an event is taking place (e.g. people should notice these things rather than wondering what’s up). I fully expect them to give out a legendary loot pack or two in a shift code (maybe even a skin or two? eh? eh?) in addition to either extending or moving the event to a later date since a lot of people aren’t really satisfied at the moment.

It probably doesn’t help that there was a pretty big build up to the event so, even though the massive discount to loot packs (which could very easily have been an event of its own) worked perfectly and the drop rate seems to be about normal (maybe worse, but not by much; I actually think it’s the same and that some people are just experiencing a band of ill-luck), people still feel disappointed.

I also feel like the timing seemed to be a bit off, since it would have made a lot more sense (in my mind) to drop the Lootpocalypse right after the major patch, new maps, and new character release to really draw in people rather than having them occur separately.