Please need tech help with save data lost from power outage

Me and a friend got back into a co/op game where we were both level 3 and was logged in on with his psn name “jEhUti69” and we both played through till we were 13…we got lots o guns and amo, we fought thoes dudes…then the robots, the CRAZY ROBOTS!!!..we were having so much fun we didnt care it was almost 7:am (central time) but at that moment we had a super quick power outage and when it all came back my psn “kinetic808” save for my 13gunzerker was there but my buddy “jEhUti69” non of his save was there it started him as level 1…not even from level 3…what were when we started the marathon event. WHAT A BUZZ KILL! We were having so much fun! I know its not your fault, its because of the power outage but if there is any chance it could be recovered or found, that would be so amazing! He was really bummed but trying to play it off…i felt so bad. :cry: any help?

When he logs in it will automatically load a level one character for the 2nd player in splitscreen. Did he make sure to press triangle and load the other character?

OMG thanks lol it worked…we are back in action!

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Thank you!

Awesome! Have fun

I need help plz ! My saved data for my character is corrupted and i don’t know what to do plz help or reply fast plz

Did you try the above? I have had alot of saved data issues with gauntlet on ps4. When it happens I just replace it with the one that is in the saved data online storage and everything from the last save/upload is there. I havent had to do that with boarderlands so I can say if it will work for sure.

Is there another way?