Please nerf annointed tinks

These things are annoying they teleport behind me everytime and do that machine gun attack fl4k is hepless against this using rakk build because you cant freeze them take this attack away from them or give them a cooldown on it like you did with the shield annointed.Been doing tink of the cunning sometimes there will be 5 of them at one time fl4k cant handle this kind of chaos 4th skill trees cant come soon enough.I have no problem running it with gamma burst but it is a boring playstyle.

I’m main Fl4k and annointed tinks (or other annointed) never was a problem for me (whether I play rakk or gamma or stealth)
I think something is wrong with your build and/or weapons

Honestly the anointed enemies are the only challange atm in the borderlands.

Not for me but for other players. I farm the anvil and ran nearly everytime in about 3 to 5 of them at the same time and never struggle on them with Moze. At this point of the game i wish enemies were a bit more spongy and make less damage. They die to fast and kill me to fast if I dont drop the BIS Tracker. Would like to run and gun more rather than instantly go into FFYL without the granade.

So they dont teleport on your game. I have completed all content on mayhem 10 difficulty is not the problem build is fine but i dont use the new rakk build with fishslap and facepuncher and the new com. its just those annointed tinks they teleport behind me with the machine gun attack have you seen what happens to the screen when they do this i dont like headaches which is why i dont play driver amara some people dont like that sort of thing they cant kill me i just go down and then my pet revives me this is not a problem if there is just one but sometimes there is 4 or 5 at one time.What exactly would be wrong with a cooldown on that attack?.