Please nerf Bolder

I just got out of a match where even with my entire team ganking a well equipped Boldur we couldn’t kill him, we would get into team fights and he would just go around killing us each one by one not walking away ever with less than quarter health. Not to mention that with the items he had, you couldn’t outrun him, it was physically impossible. For any character to be able to tank as well as he did while keeping up to mobility and the damage output he has is absolutely game breaking. This is the type of stuff that is going to keep people from getting this game and drive the people who own it to stop playing it and to tell friends to stay away. So please Gearbox, show us you care and bring a little balance this game so that the play experience is as fun as It can be instead of a one sided slaughter.

what characters were on your team? not trying to discredit but shouldn’t calls for a nerf provide evidence? boldur isn’t too difficult in my experience so i’m trying to understand your perspective on this

Boldur tanking is insanely overpowered. He can get infinite blocking and receive half of the damage he blocks as health. That alone is absolutely ridiculous.


I was a Benedict and even in the air he could hit me but I’m squishy so whateves, either way I didn’t seem to do any damage, then the other 4 were Montana, Oscar Mike, Orendi and a Ambra. I’m telling you though, I would watch him destroy Montana in seconds and walk though Oscar Mikes ult like it was summer rain.

did the other team have a healer by chance? that would increase his survivability exponentially

the easiest way I’ve found to deal with boldur is flank him, his shield after level 5 heals him for half the damage it blocks, it can be overloaded if he doesn’t take the choice at level 10. as ambra I would drop sunspots near him(I always take the helix choice to increase the damage enemies take)

shooting at a boldur is doing what their team wants.

and @Battleborn how would you nerf his tanking? and the infinite blocking is a level 10 helix choice where there are numerous “OP” helixes across all characters

Just remove or modify some of his options. Killing minions (and shards?) gives him 35% damage resistance as a passive, and at level one he gets an overshield added to his stun/escape. His shield blocks 2000 damage, which is insane, and at level 3 he gets the ability to move full speed while blocking. At level 5 he essentially gets a permanent buff that gives him +18% damage and converts half of the 2000 damage that he can block into health AND can take +14 health regen during rage on top of his 35% damage resistance and passive health regen. All of this at level 5 makes him pretty much unstoppable. Skipping straight to level 10, he can literally block infinitely and receive half of it back as health. He’s the definition of ridiculous.

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but how would you modify them? you’re talking about how much he needs to change and about how he’s unstoppable but i’m asking about how. boldur actually has a lower dps than every other melee class. he literally is just a tank made for soaking up damage, correct?

so how would you modify his options?


He’s a late game character with no real exp opportunities. If you go right to level 5 of course he’s strong. And then if you skip to ten for a late game character they should kill you. His shield also originally blocks 1000 damage.


Boldur is a strong late game character. If you let him get exp early game, you should expect to get clobbered. Either way, he can either choose damage or survivability. Not both. It sounds like you guys just 1 v 1d him in a team fight, you either have to ignore him or all attack him simultaneously. He’s rather easy to avoid, especially with quick melee being a thing.


Why can’t players show they care and spend a little time learning how a character works?

Don’t attack him from the front. Attack from the sides or back. And he can’t block damage from multiple directions at once, so if your entire team were “ganking” him at once, you all must have been doing it from the same direction, which doesn’t really qualify as “ganking”.

As Benedict, fly into the air and drop rockets just behind him.

On Ambra, drop sunspots BEHIND him. Same goes for other AoEs.

Kleese’s taser can eat him alive.

Slows can help reduce maneuverability so he is easier to flank.

His damage output is very low, but gets much better at 10 if he doesn’t take the infinite shield.

not many people play him, so it’s not your fault you didn’t know how to combat him, but the fact that you didn’t means your team has work to do to play better against him next time, not that the character has to be nerfed.


He’s not just a tank though. He has enough tanking ability with just his character to build an all offensive gear loadout, and his passive and ult – which is essentially just another passive – give him a total of +20% attack speed for a kill on anything and +18% melee damage, plus a stun and slows. He can also spec into another +18% damage at level 7.

Believe me, I was using my jump ability, then using my double jump to get as high as I could into the air, mixed with items that gave me increased reload speeds as well as increased attack speeds, I would fire down onto him and somehow, he as able to hit me still. Even shooting down and using splash damage I didn’t do much. I’m not new to this type of game, I understand how to get past his ridiculous shield shooting walls he’s running past ect the point is he still had wayyyy to much health and resistance to do the damage he was doing

but you’re talking like he’s some unkillable monster

and other characters have large kits as well if we’re going to discuss that. talking about melee damage let’s talk rath who can slow with his melee. attack faster than boldur and have an 18% damage boost to his attacks with lifesteal that can make him extremely difficult to kill when near an unshielded opponent

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Lets all focus on the fact that a Benedict is calling for a nerf. Benedict can dish out thousands of damage in a single clip of ammo. That home in on you.


Yeah, it’s not like other characters have enough offense to be able to build defensively or get 25% damage on their passives…

Boldur is great, but if he were half as overpowered as some would have us believe, you would see one in every single match.

He’s a defensive tank, the best at that by far, but weak offensively to compensate. Pretty much the polar opposite of El Dragón.

If you can kill him, great. I did just that a couple of times yesterday. But it is far more important to slow him down–not literally, but keep him from leveling as long as possible. You sure don’t want to hand him easy kills or waste the whole match tying to kill him.

It’s possible in this particular case he went for movement speed at 5. That can be a pain, but means he didn’t take the extra damage resist or regen.

Not. Helping.


I like to think that peoples understanding on the relative power of heroes is very important when they come calling for nerfs in other heroes. When you play a broken character and call nerfs for other characters it SHOULD be taken into account.

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We should nerf Reyna as well. She provides her team with overshields and that isn’t fair. Also, Toby shouldn’t have so much health because some people can play him as a sniper and I don’t like that it takes more than 3 shots to kill him.

Boldur is clearly overpowered because we can’t jump over him to get behind his shield given he’s so tall…


He IS an unkillable monster most of the time. He get’s a shield to extend his health bar by 1000 (not 2000, my bad) and a skill that, at level 2, gives him an overshield 35% damage resistance. That plus passive health regeneration gives him a huge amount of defensive capability after gaining only one level, and things just keep going from there. Once he gets to level 5 and gets his ult it’s beyond ridiculous. Healing for damage that he would otherwise be taking means that even if you do have somebody flanking him and shooting from each side, he’s effectively only taking 1/4 of the damage coming his way, and then has the ability to add 35% damage resistance and an overshield on top of that.

Have you not had games where there were Boldurs that you just couldn’t kill? Because I definitely have. Games where not matter how well I’m doing or how easily I’m killing his teammates I simply can’t kill him. Games where no matter what I do – shoot his head, shoot his legs, AoE him, flank him, jump over him – I just can’t kill him without him being able to get away. It definitely happens, and it happens a lot. Having a shield that you have to damage enough to break but that heals him when it’s damaged gives him absolutely tremendous tanking capabilities.

@Jordangold527 Oh, wow, you’re a tactical genius! That works perfectly against players who aren’t capable of using the right thumbstick!

while he is difficult to kill, his damage compared to most other characters is actually extremely low unless he focuses on his damage potential.


His BASE damage is low. His helix choices make him nigh invulnerable before gear is even factored in. He’s still capable of building a damage dealing loadout and getting fairly respectable damage dealing capabilities. He also get’s a 20% attack speed increase when his rage activates, and an 18% damage increase during his ult. One of these can be activated at will, and the other essentially lasts forever. The two of these together add a significant damage increase before any gear is even applied. At level two, he has a skill that deals damage, is a potential stun or escape, and gives him an overshield, 35% damage resistance, and 20% attack speed. He’s far from helpless as far as damage dealing.