Please nerf nullhounds

One thing that works well is to use singularity grenade to disrupt their movement, then you can kill them at ease. Also you can use an Atlas tracker


If Transformer doesn’t work with certain shock attack then I suppose that deserves a thread at the Tech Support section?


it is intended interaction

I think the Nullhounds don’t technically deal shock damage, it’s just displayed that way.

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Yes please lets nerf anything that remotely poses any sort of challenge. /s

They are easy to kill, you know they have a dangerous attack so prioritize them as a target. Nullhounds can spawn in the Wotan fight too btw, and on the bridge.


That should be easy to verify - do you get a Shock DoT from them?

This is apparently a known issue (at least to players, maybe not Gearbox) or intended. Nullhounds either “don’t use shock” even though it looks like shock or they interact incorrectly with the Transformer.

If someone knows how to get Gearbox’s attention to this, that’d be hopefully helpful.

I wonder if it is because there are two effects from the same source (electric damage and slow) so it doesn’t register as electric? Just my theory.

Not as far as I recall. They just shred your shield and slow you down.

Just use iron bear. He melt them even on MH4. Wardogs are the most annoying enemy in the game, agreed. But i don’t think nerfing everything annoying is the way to go.


At least they’re not anointed militants.


Well, the wiki says it’s a shock element, so maybe, idk, notify them?

From my understanding nul hounds do what would be classed as emp damage useless against any thing other than shields

They are pretty detrimental to the 1 hp transformer set-up
Like others said, use singularity grenades to stop their attack, never stop sprinting or shooting, and hit the action skill button if all else fails to get away from the AoE intact

It beats nerfing things that give the players a leg up.


If they are so easy to kill what’s the harm in nerfing them, with your great skill you’ll hardly notice a difference so why not let others have an easy time of it?

There is no reason to nerf them. They have a low health compared to the other wardogs and are very obvious and their attack leaves them extremely vulnerable since they don’t move while they are doing it.


I know this is not going to be a popular opinion but I do agree they don’t need a nerf yes they suck but are easy to deal with know the battlefield in other words keep an eye on your radar surroundings and enemies and enemy types and enemies count prioritize certain enemy types and is having a hard time find a gun just for those enemies and in that kind or area always keep it equipped this is not a git gud bull crud we all struggle with different enemies and parts of the game and player skill can vary but personally and this is only for me I love them as an enemy they make me change my tactics mid fight also I do hate them btw lol


Yes please, lets nerf anything that gives a slight challenge or counters super specific deathless builds. Jokes aside they are fine as if your having a problem with them just adapt to it or change your gear to fit the situation like a normal human being. Other comments have said what you have to do so just do it, they are meant to disrupt a mobile playstyle and you complaining means they are doing their job as intended. Some of us like a decent monkey wrench in our builds to show us a weakness we need to fix so I say we don’t nerf them and the uninformed players just adapt.



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They for me are the toughest enemy in M4. Super tanky shields and completely ruin transformer. I find their armour to melt pretty quick though. There is a trick to fighting them! Staggering them with crit will interrupt their channelled EMP. So reserve your crits on them until they jump you and start channelling. That is why I love rockin’ Rowans call so I can melt their shield when they jump me and still damage trash mobs around the hackhound. I usually use corrosive sleeping giant for armour because I have amazing SMG boosts in my gear and when that giant awakens omg he is strong!

edit Thought I might add that there is a cooldown between staggers. I also share some of the sentiment here that they don’t need a nerf.