Please nerf player damage to the sentry


in my opinion the high player damage to the sentry is bad, as its negating the whole objective of escorting thralls and minions as they are only fooder for distracting. Some people may say it makes the game more thrilling, but its cheap, that 4 or 5 chars even without the help of thralls can take down a sentry in 10 seconds. It would be more fun and more tactical if you secure the path of minions so they do most of the damage. Even buffing the minion damage by 100 % to the sentry would be good. Otherwise its just cheap as some battleborn have clearly higher clear and damage potential so that they cheese down the sentry.

Another solution could be that the sentry can only get damaged by a fixed amount of every battleborn. Lets say every team member can only damage the sentry by 8 and the last ten damage have to be done by minions or thralls. But if they are 4 battleborn rushing in and the shield is down the sentry is lost.

Another possibiliy would be an AI Buff for the sentry to damage the enemies more efficently. As of now its just who has the better damaging team in the last seconds.

Opinions about it?

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If you nerf it so BB can’t take out the sentry you are going to get teams that pick nothing but wave clear players and just clear minions the whole game. You wanna play against a team of thorn Oscar Mike Toby and orendis every game that never leave their base? I don’t.


I don’t understand why anyone would want to nerf damage to the sentry or the other thing where Battleborn can’t do damage unless minions are there. That would make it so easy to defend the sentry by just focusing on killing minions. The only time you’d do damage to the sentry is in matches that are normally blow outs then.


you don’t need to nerf the damage done to it, but the sentry needs to be buffed so that they react faster. Like putting on the first sentry a turret that will move quickly independently from the huge sentry’s body, and will send missiles inflicting slow to the target (no need to have huge damage, even very little to no damage is fine, the important here is the slow effect, similar to the thumper turret but the thumper turret is 3 shot by a marquis before firing anything, because it is, in fact, that slow that makes coming near the sentry dangerous). If the enemy coming close are slowed, the sentry will be able to punish the solo invader far easier.


Nah man then that strat where everyone rushes the sentry at 30 seconds wouldn’t work.

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i am right there with you, man. i see it as just a hair away from outright backdooring. they need to cut player damage to sentry down to about 25 pct of what it is now. then they need to drastically improve the sentry’s ability to damage players that are there without a wave. i have been trying to figure out how this one team does it for days now. they have somehow figured out a way to continually rush us at our sentry while not taking damage. idk if it is their tank somehow pulling all aggro, but that would not explain how he comes out without a scratch

Turrets need a buff, in general. Most characters can kill them with relative ease, and they are only really helpful against minions, but if there is a single person playing the objective, the turret will be down before the minions even enter it’s range.

All turrets need to have more healh and be able to regen that health at level 3, otherwise, it’s just not worth the money if they have a Marquis.

Also, with the exception of the shocker turret, if a turret takes damage, it should instantly begin shooting at the player that damaged it, and keep shooting until they leave it’s Line of sight, in which case it will target the player for 1 second, and then go back to idle, there should never be an angle or distance that you shoot a turret where it can’t damage you, that defeats the point of having a turret, which is AREA DENIAL. Especially when considering how certain turrets on maps are placed there to discourage over extending,

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At the same time I think that sentry damage to players needs to be decreased, so that the team being pushed against can’t simply sit next to their sentry and shoot out, knowing that the sentry will protect them from any players trying to push against them.

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have you seen the hilarity of a turret hitting the sentinels shield unable to damage minions or enemies attacking it? That was just funny as hell. To have a turret useless because the sentinel is in the way. A lot of melee characters exploit that.

And I have to agree with the OP, I got bored and played Montana. Just for kicks. The shield on the sentry was down in about 20 secs. Literally eaten away by his Gatling gun. The whole incursion mode needs a second look at IMHO.

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Which would likely boost the defence of sentries in PvE because everything is linked.


PvP and PVE being linked and all the ‘NERF EVERYTHING until everyone is doing 1 damage and 1 healing with their base attacks, special attacks, ultimates, and helix choices’ affecting PvE is dragging me down and killing my desire to play this game.

It’s just disappointing.

But yes, by all means, nerf all of the things.

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Sentries, minions, and turrets already do decent amounts of damage. When you add on the damage from thralls, and players you are up against a small army.

If you were to buff/nerf any of them or make it to where there was a limit to how much damage a BB can do to a sentry then you’ll change the entire flow of incursion.

I understand that not every team pushes their minions but sometimes you can’t protect them long enough to make it to a sentry. Im not saying they need buffed because minions are already heavy hitters and for Ambra it takes 4-5 seconds to kill one with just base attack.

If you make it so wave clearers are detrimental to defense and offense then you’ll ruin the other classes usefulness in the game mode.

I do agree that the sentry AI needs some work because it’s imperative for your defenses that it reacts to being attacked and assaults enemies within sight. However, the minions have already received a buff, the sentries received a nerf and buff, thralls received a buff and are now useful, turrets received some adjustments but I don’t remember what, you have slow effect on turrets, and the supply stations have received buffs and stat adjustments.

Gbx will kill this game if they keep changing up so many things from launch. They’ve already drastically changed the matchmaking, they’ve made massive “corrections” to gear and characters, they’ve made many different changes to incursion already.

In my opinion, there hasn’t been an issue with the battle flow of incursion since they made the thralls useful. Although they did make them a bit strong. The thralls help push the minions but when you have teams that are knocking out your minions and thralls then you just need to fight back. Which you can’t do if all your minions are killed before getting to the sentry and you need them to deal most or the last bit of damage.

Changing BB damage dealt to sentry would cause the games to drag on or play out the full 30 mins (which isn’t a bad thing for me) where you have 100-100 or 60-60 because you can’t get your minions through to finish off the last amount.

Minions are a big part of incursion but they’re more pertinent in Meltdown and I think it should remain that way. Because you’d have to buff the minions if you made the sentries less vulnerable to BB in order to balance it out. But then you’d be unbalancing the balance between minions and BB.

It’s a big old mess lol. There’s enough balancing issues on this game, let’s not make more.

Turrets are meant to be nothing more than a small support and a distraction, such as building one when you’re getting chased by Rath when you’re Miko. Most people will ignore you completely and go after the turret :stuck_out_tongue:

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In my opinion, there hasn’t been an issue with the battle flow of incursion since they made the thralls useful. Although they did make them a bit strong.

If you didnt notice thralls are pretty useless after they are summoned. Take the mid thralls for example. Once they are summoned they will just walk straight to the mid section. And have no reaction whatsoever if you attack them. Literally killed an enemy after they summoned them and got rapid crits on their back because apparently I wasnt enough of a threat to gain their attention. They died before even leaving their spawn point. So honestly they are pretty useless if you get behind them since they lack any form of threat detection that isnt a minion in their forward path.

(yet the minions somehow know to follow your butt if you attack them and tear you a new one if you arent careful, logic at its finest XD)

I don’t know what the deal is, but the sentry, thumper turrets, and every minion within a dozen yards targets me as soon as I go into visual range.

Sometimes the thumper starts shooting the wall as I hop up on the sniper perch.

Lol I am aware of that. I hate it so much. It is annoying when they don’t stop for you but that’s what makes them threatening. I like that they go straight for minions then the sentry. Although again I hate that they don’t stop when I’m pounding on them. They make the enemy pull back to kill them since they don’t pay players any mind. In my experiences.

Normally when I or a teammate capture the thralls we don’t allow the enemy to get behind them and if they do then we get behind the enemy and kill them. When I attack a thrall I stay on their front side because I don’t want someone coming up on me unless I have a good team looking out for each other.

Before when they stopped to attack players they would get killed so quickly because they’re slow and never made it to the sentry. Now I find it more easy to get them to the sentry, if nothing else they help push my team into the enemy territory.

Enemy minions will follow you to the ends of the earth lmao.

I often feel this way as well. Although it’s usually with close range characters so it makes sense, since I’m closer than my teammates.

I get hit with buttloads of damage from the sentry, turrets, and minions so when people say to make them do more damage I’m like “what???” Lol they do a lot already but people that aren’t killing or focused on them don’t see how much they’re really doing. And the slow on that turret near the supply station? Man that gets me! Lol. Slow and stun are huge debuffs in this game. But I love it because usually debuffs don’t mean squat.

I personally don’t see a problem with the damage that BB do to the Sentry. The thing is that the Sentry under attack notification is off by several seconds sometimes so players seem do a lot of damage very quickly when in actuality they were shooting/attacking it for a full 2-3 seconds before the team was notified. To the contrary the Sentinels attacks are Sayian God Level. I can’t tell you how many times I turn the corner at the enemy sentry with full health and eat a shell the takes me down to like 100HP. I say Nerf the sentry’s big gun just a tad. It sucks re-spawning sprinting to help your team dps the sentry only to immediately have to fall back or teleport out.

The first sentry is supposed to be kinda squishy post leveling, so lvl 8-10 characters can kinda solo it with minions and thralls acting mostly as distractions.

The thing that targets you first is the thumper turret. This is the real threat in the first enemy base and as long as it has been taken care off, the sentry isn’t that much of a big deal for lots of mobile character. Thorn can just go jumping around the sentry (with no minions helping her), shoot the guy that managed to escape with low health, then go away full health while still bunny hopping.
To the mobile characters, the slow effect of the thumper turret, as well as it not needing to really follow you around (due to its position) is what makes the place dangerous. But it’s 3-shot by a marquis. And even if they were buffing the turret like suggested above, they would still be destroyed quickly, so no change. No, the sentry needs to have its own independent slow effect that will punish solo intruder like that.

Yeah thralls were adjusted to ignore players… Because they are meant to aid in beating sentries… Also there is an emblem for killing a sentry without taking damage from it and there are necessary exploits that are fair such as hiding around a corner or wall… The sentry’s main cannon has been the cause of many of my deaths at times…