Please nerf player damage to the sentry

The sentry, minions, and turrets have unusual priorties, that we can agree on. Watched a stinger shoot the wall behind it for 5 mins once trying to kill an Orendi on the other side while Gallilea made a vain attempt to take down the sentry not 10 yards away.

However, the sentry is too powerful now, just stupid. If you make it any more powerful then what would be the use in pushing at all? There’s no other scoring other than kills, assists, and sentry damage.

As it stands now, you can just turtle, find a feeder, and win on average score with a good team.

Why make that trash strategy even easier?

Well yeah they are meant to aid in beating the sentries but that whole adjustment becomes moot if they die because they ignore players. Its pretty much irony because if they made that change to help aid in destroying the sentry, the same change prevents them from doing their job.

They dont have to focus on the player but I think if anything if they are under attack they should at least do a quick stomp that stuns nearby enemy players. Then again that doesn’t stop ranged players from shooting at them but at least provides some form of protection until they reach the middle where everything is really fair game.

I’ve been beating this drum for a while now. Compared to turrets in other MOBAs, the Sentries in Battleborn are pretty pathetic. I will not dive a turret in League or Paragon unless I’m absolutely 100% sure it’s a good idea. Those turrets are terrifying and you learn early on to keep your distance. Diving Sentries in Battleborn is not nearly as terrifying and I’ve seen many characters successfully pull it off. Heck, the other day an Attikus went around and destroyed every turret and the supply station by the first sentry in Overgrowth while the Sentry was still alive. How? What? That shouldn’t be possible. I’ve had Phoebes and Raths chase me right by the Sentry’s nose and kill me (and survive). Again, shouldn’t be possible.

I think the Sentry needs to be a lot more dangerous, way more aggressive about targeting and potentially with added weapons, a ground pound wave attack or missiles or something. Turrets in general probably need a buff as well, many characters can destroy turrets with ease, ISIC, Benedict, Marquis, to name a few.

The one thing I really think it needs above all else is a major buff to its shields against Battleborn attacks. It should be incredibly difficult for a Battleborn to take down the Sentry shields without minions. Leave the health as is, fine, but the shields should be a lot buffer against hero attacks only. Especially considering you have too many “fire and forget” weapons in this game. An Oscar Mike can drop his ult and a frag grenade on a Sentry and pretty much, if not completely, wipe the shields out that way. I’m not crazy about the Sentry being vulnerable to such attacks in the first place but if that’s going to be the case, then again, the shield needs to be a lot tougher.

Well it is our job as the players to defend the thralls and minions, screw nerfing our power why not make it so sentry health is 100 for the first and 200 for the second? Or a hundred each so the don’t melt as fast…

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Well its not like you can do much to defend them. They are big walking targets that take about 3-4 headshots by marquis to deal with. And alani is the only one who can technically heal them. (honestly that needs to be fixed because I do not need every minion getting in the way of healing people)

Combine that with the usual 1 or 2 people (1 being most common) are actually summoning the thralls. When they are killed by a late arrival who waited for you to summon them or when you do all the work its kinda a moot point. If they aren’t going to defend themselves in some way then they are just as useless as the minions. All im saying is that they need to at least be able to make it to the middle if they are summoned. If not put up some defense against players.

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i liked it when they actually attacked the players not accidentally do when they slam the ground, i want them to defend themselves more when going to the sentry but when they are at the sentry they should focus on it