Please Patch Notes

Communication has been, whether negative or positive one of the largest factors of this game’s performance. A lot of times, we seriously have no idea what’s rattling in the devs heads.

For example, let’s look at another niche, out of the box, complicated, MOBA style game: Awesomenauts

Here are their patch notes:

Rubberband ball currently rewards Ayla for being inactive, this change makes the upgrade stimulate a more active playstyle.
-Rubberband ball, heal orbs only spawn when dealing damage.
Ayla does both a lot of killing and dying. These tweaks push her Rage skill more towards sustain, away from damage.
-Rip Apart bear, self-damage reduction increased from 12% to 18% per stage.
-Angry Drawings, damage reduced from 19% to 17% per stage.
-Made it so that Ayla’s camera style only changes between ‘Deadzone’ and ‘Centered’ while flying, when both camera systems match position. Therefore the transition should no longer cause any jarring vertical movements and will now be completely seamless.
This upgrade made Ayla too tanky, time to replace it.
-Prison Guard Keys, hit enemies deal 15% less damage for 1 second.

Toning down of a too-strong upgrade
-Neon Nitro Muffler, damage-over-time reduced from 210 to 180 per stage.
Changes meant to make Chucho’s playstyle more active.
-Turret, cooldown after destruction reduced from 12 to 10 seconds.
-Turret, cooldown after self-destruction reduced from 6 to 5 seconds.
-Hyper Bike, mounting cooldown reduced from 2 to 1.5 seconds.
-Fixed that the attack speed effect of Blabl Zork correctly triggers when enemies pick up the Sticky Bomb using the Black Mail upgrade.
-Fixed that Matt “Parasite” Roid now correctly increases shot damage by 12% when combined with One Armed Chameleon’s effect.
-Fixed that the smaller bomb spawned by Trick-Up-Your-Sleeve is correctly increase by 14% per stage of Krokk License to Kill.

Combining slow upgrades has been obnoxious for a long time, time to replace one of them.
-Syphon Disruptor, now increases damage of Shock during Blaze by 25%, price 180 solar.
-Disruptor, slow increased from 8% to 12% per stage.

Did you see it? In italics? Short but suffice explanations for the games changes. Can we pleeease get this devs? Just so we can understand what this games, the game we’ve been devotedly discussing for months and pouring our time and occasionally our money into, is going? Pretty please?


YES. This. Just writing down the changes isn’t always enough, especially with weird out of the woods changes that leave players baffled.
Explain. Communicate.

coughdon’t be tripwirecough

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I didnt understand some words the used but i love what they expect or are aiming for with the new buff/nerf.

@JoeKGBX could you make this happen ?

Everyone here wonders whats the direction with boldur, benedict, kleese, etc.

Yeah imagine if every Battleborn had 24 (I think) different super weirdly named upgrades and that’s what’s going on here lol, but the general intent was clear. And I believe it would take collaboration of Joe and grant, from what I’ve understood of how they structure themselves, but I have no idea how to ping grant, and who knows if both would answer lol

Everything comes down to one thing (ok, two things) - effort and willingness to write stuff ^^


Gbx lacks the experience, maybe they didnt thought about it.

Also with this information behind buffs and nerf we as players will feel less frustrated. Now the topic of “they dont know what they are doing” will stop or increase lol.

Sometimes buffs/nerfs feels like who ever is in charge of them, havent play at all!!

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That’d be pretty cool, but I doubt it could happen. Take El Dragon’s nerf for example: they never commented on it despite being asked many times. So I don’t think it’s possible for them to be as transparent about their changes as Awesomenauts’ team.


Awesomenauts does a lot of things well.
This is one of them!
I would like devs to tell us about the reasons behind changes!

And now I better be silent before I start talking about other things I feel like Awesomenauts does better.

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We got tired of el dragón ■■■■, time to rip his arms!
There are other 27 characters to play, good luck


I’d actually be okay with that compared to what we have now
If they don’t comment here, that’s proof of what I already suspect what you said to be true (award for worst sentence in human history goes to me!)

You ping people like this @JoeKGBX and like this @Jythri and like this @gRant_! Woo, pings! Now to see if any worked…

Ah I always forget the underscore. Thank you!


We know you love the game. That’s lovely and all that, but:

That doesn’t give you the right to insult the devs, which a few comments here are bordering upon.

Be nice to the people who made the game and host this forum. I suggest that you re-read the rules now.


Oh wait did I violate any rules? My most questionable comment was agreeing that they may not be able to be transparent about everything but I didn’t think that was an insult :confounded:

In the earlier patch notes this was done. “We changed this because X did this and we want it more to do this”.
The intro on the hot fixes which are in the Battleplan also addresses this to some extend. Bot mostly its like; “this was broken and we needed to fix it”. (which sometimes it just is).
Coming back to the patch notes; Yes with the last patch it wasn’t done in text but they devoted a whole live stream to it.

I could say would you rather like it in text or in a video, but the answer is going to be all of the above, because some people don’t want to watch an 1 hour stream for just getting the info on their favorite hero (which is totally Oscar Mike, so if they just start the stream with Oscar Mike everything is fine…right? :wink: )


Yeah, they tend to prefer streams and AMAs, but things will always be missed, whereas their original format would be preferable :grin: (both were still quite cool, and thanks)


I would appreciate patch notes with reasoning behind changes! I don’t like watching many streams, much less after the fact, and pretty much only watch parts if I hear of a really important bit of info with the time stamp of it. Nothing against GBX in particular, just not my preferred media format.


Streams are streams, they are more for visual stuff, but people always read patch notes if they care about the patch. You can press ctrl+f and find the info you want in a second. Many don’t have time to look for some stream videos, or live streams, or other types of media and then listen/watch it for 30-60 minutes to find the important stuff.

(Although I watch every live stream and it doesn’t affect me very much, but lots of people don’t, so they need to get the “more detailed info” more old-fashioned way (which is the best way) - in text).


Make this stuff more accessible for everyone.
Streams are not accessible. They have no subtitles, they take a decent internet bandwith, and they take a lot more time than reading a list.

Some good samaritans write down what’s said in streams but they shouldn’t have to. That should be Gearboxes job. Upholding this game isn’t our job.
I’m so tired of devs treating their customers as free work force. This applies to a lot of things bigger than this and is a talk for another time but this counts as one situation where it happens.

One thing I think sucks for PC is GBX completely ignoring Steam. They have forums there, they have an ability to post updates (They forgot to post battleplans on there for like a month.)
That’s where most of their PC players will check, way before they ever drag they ass on some forum that needs extra log-in steps. Valve has given devs a great and easy way to interact with their community, don’t just throw it away!


Sorry, I didn’t realise my post was worded badly. Fixed it.

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