Please Patch Soon

Dear Gearbox,

I understand you all likely take great pride in your work and this is why your first balance patch is taking so long. However, every day people are playing the game with overpowered characters and at least one game-breaking map glitch (Marquis shooting the sentry on overgrowth).

You already released notes on how you were planning on going about balancing Galilea and Miko. When it comes to nerfs, I think it’s generally better to hit them hard. At least a temporarily over-nerfed character won’t break the game or dissuade players as much as the opposite. They’ll just try to use someone else who is more powerful.

In the meantime, your game is dying. I love the game, but I’m already concerned. Steam stats show that the daily average is already down to 4k from 8k a week ago or so.

Every time someone mentions Overwatch my eye twitches. The game is entirely different and I don’t want to play Overwatch. The time-to-kill alone is enough to turn me off from it. I’ll just play TF2 when I want that style, thank you.

For the millionth time, it’s not up to GBX when a patch comes out.

Blame PS and Xbox for holding up patches because they need approval before being allowed on their machines.

If this was a PC only game we’d be hotfixed 2 weeks ago.


I used to play a game called awesomenauts on ps4. It was literally months behind on patches from the pc version. They took 6 months to patch the game after it released. Be thankful.

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My hopes is that since Alani comes out the 24th/31st, she’ll come with a patch, since simply releasing a new character with a patch instead of doing multiple fixes and stuff alongside would kinda suck.

There are reasons why patches require certification on PlayStation and XBox (preventing system exploits, issues with other games etc) so I wouldn’t exactly say they are to blame for some very sensible processes they have in place. At least they don’t end up with cheats and hacks like there are on PCs.

@jsosinski6 the patch is due next week:

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There is no amount of certification that can prevent hackers from making hacks on PC. All they can do is catch them.

Indeed and quality insurance helps towards making sure that these systems run smoothly without conflicts between games or other issues.

True. However PC people still have to wait for simultaneous patch release with PS4 and XBox because there is interconnection between them (even if there is no cross-platform play).

They can absolutely patch PC before console. Other companies do it. Diablo 3 has been patched independently on consoles and PC. In fact they actually had different features for a good while.

SMITE has been patched seperately on PC, Xbone, and PS4.

Planetside 2 has been patched seperately.

It’s a terrible excuse to say they cannot fix the PC version due to consoles. I bought a PC version. I don’t care what is going on with the consoles. Fix the game.


Exactly. Console players are notoriously unaware of the restrictions that their glorious cardboard box companies put on developers.

They already patched miko reduced her skills self healing and movement speed from helix.

the sentry sniping has a hard counter. His name is Kleese. He also happens to be hella fun to play.

Hey folks. Let’s not have a platform war. Thanks.

Also, Gbx choose for everyone to benefit from the patch at the same time. They believe it’s the right way to do things.


Yeah, sure.

Except it could be argued that the speed of patches is what’s killing the PC front.


Not really. It’s been two weeks and we already had hotfix nerfs and more are coming plus map changes to Overgrowth.

In contrast, HOTS which is made by Blizzard(a much much larger company) took two(possibly 3 weeks) to tweak their last hero Tracer(from Overwatch) despite tons of cries of her being overtuned. And they have no consoles to worry about on that game.

GBX is doing a pretty good job rolling out patches quickly even with the waiting on consoles approval approach.

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They used to be able to make patches every week.

That, plus these patches wouldn’t need to be bundled into one update; rather, they could be inserted in smaller updates.