Please prevent stacking attack speed on gear

It may seem ridiculous but that is what balances it - they are going all in on one stat and foregoing more defensive options a.k.a. glass cannon. For some this works better than others but it is fairly constructed.

For instance Blissbeast gives me 11% damage reduction and movement speed, GoGo juice gives me nearly 4% cooldown and 40% sprint speed, Symbiotic Gauntlet about 20% attack damage at full life in one item, etc. There are lots of good options depending on which trait you need most.

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They’ve already done this to an extent by only allowing one of each item. Gear is fine the way it is.

Every character in the game is strong in the right hands and with the right gear. Find one that works for you and do the same thing.


Just… No.


This may be a little bit off topic, but how did you get GoGo juice?

You can get it from loot packs, it doesn’t drop from bosses. You can get it from the epic or rogue packs.

This should help you out, he explains loot packs and the pool of legendaries you can get from each pack.

What a non issue you chose to complain about. I love how you combine the helix option in with your complaint to make it sound more legitimate “OMG SHE CAN GET 45% ATTACK SPEED SO OP”

It’s attack speed gear, everyone can use it, it’s part of customizing your character, it’s part of the game just like it should be.

Do you see me bitching about ranged characters stacking reload speed? Tanks stacking maximum health? No because it’s a non issue and part of the game, an intentional part of the game.

No you don’t, stop lying. If you have an Aelfrin Warblade with a secondary, it’s max health. The options for secondaries on + AS primary are +health, +shield, critical damage or movement speed.

You’re not even doing it right, this is how you do it;

Low crystal costs and effectively +21% (+41%) attack speed. Also can we take a second to appreciate how perfect this perfectly rolled gear set is? It’s beautiful isn’t it?

Hell, if you really want, add this in to replace the white, personally I don’t think it’s worth the crystals though. It will effectively give you 26.6% (46.6%) at the start of an engagement.


Also, if we are being accurate here and want to QQ to maximum effectiveness, we can take it up to the max of +30.7% (50.7%) attack speed with this beauty, which again, not really worth the crystals.


To all the phoebes, please use this to serve as a guide in order to make it easier to use the OP as a pin cushion.


There IS actually a problem with stacking too much attack speed imo, but not with the characters the OP talked about. Stacking AS makes Deande’s Uppercut mutation ridiculous, and it scales too much with Alani’s various abilities. More attack speed for her will give more heal, more single damage, and lower cooldown on everything so more crowd control, and more AoE damage. That’s… A bit ridiculous when you can stack AS that way.

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Yea if you;re going to bitch about anything, something like this would be it. The only thing phoebe gains is damage, and a little speed/dodge from true-strike lunge.

If we are seriously bitching about stacking damage with gear, then we might as well remove all the gear.


I won’t disagree that attack speed is very strong on Alani, but that’s an issue with character design, not gear, IMO.

You can still stack attack speed with your proposed setup.
She would still be around +35% attack speed.

Next someones going to complain about stacking skill damage on characters like Orendi or Healing on support characters.
How about max health on tanks or damage reduction.

Honestly thats not even optimised, given lucky legendaries it can get extremly worse. Phoebe with Vow of Vengeance/Boots of the Brute is brutal but so is all other melees with similar builds.

I would disagree with dividing the gear slots. I think that the current system allows for people to build towards noticeable stat increases while preventing 3 of the same item. Limiting players to separate offense, defense, utility slots would lead to gear feeling underwhelming as it would provide relatively low stat increases in 3 different areas rather a substantial increase in one area. This would make a lot of the cheaper gear underwhelming as they tend to have lower stats such as 5-10% increase with another 5% minor increase in some situations.

I think that the current system allows for stat stacking but the stacking in itself is not a problem when everyone can do so and only adds damage. If anything there is a bigger problem with some characters mechanics and certain stats such as attack speed.

Zefyris provides some good examples where this happens.

^ This.
Most of the potential problems are due to characters mechanics effected by stats rather that Gear stacking itself.


Duuuude nice gear. I use the fist and ability damage, but their stats are no maxed like that lol

Seems pretty easy to just put a max cap on each stat +30% Attack Speed, +500 HP, +25% attack damage … etc etc etc.

(Of course, those numbers are just random examples at the moment.)

This would fix the AS issue from this thread, and other potential issues, like stacking Vigilance Link.

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Vigilance link is a unique buff and is a separate issue (and should simply not stack with itself, IMO).

If attack speed is causing issues with a couple of characters, those characters should be adjusted, not run the entire gear system into the ground.

Yes they are, those are the max rolls for each piece.

It wouldn’t run the entire system into the ground, if implemented properly.

The caps would be high enough that you don’t run up against them often. Only very specific builds geared to max out very specific stats.

Right now, this and Vigilance Link are the only two issues I’ve heard about specifically. But they won’t be the only issues ever. Implementing a hard cap on each stat would prevent any potential abuse (or overly creative use) of the existing system

People (generally speaking, not you) keep trying to fix things that aren’t broken…or at least broken in intended ways, if you will. If people want to go all in on a particular stat, let them. They are making tradeoffs to do that, and it is part of what allows different builds to work. If a particular character is an issue, fix that. For instance, I’ve been saying since before the Alani change that one of the things that needs to happen is her attack speed helix needs to be reduced. But the overall system is fine, IMO.

For me, it’s more about eliminating unintended edge cases (assuming that this was unintended, I have no insight into GBX devs’ brains)

Quick example. Skill damage items have a max of +7 as a primary stat and +4.2 as a secondary (afaik). You could cap that at 15% from items, and even someone with a perfect primary-stat item and 2 perfect secondary stat items would lose less than a half percentage of damage. Maybe cap it at 16% and nothing is lost.

This would be transparent to nearly all players, but would prevent some future item or combination from causing things to go awry.