Please provide a larger window to collect bonus score and end boss drops

Most notably in the Algorithm & Heliophage.

In the Algorithm, If Isaac shoots you into the sky when you land the killing blow, the bonus score vanishes before you hit the gorund. Also, dependng on which banter segment plays at the end theres can be little to no time to collect what remains.

In the Heliophage, when you drop Rendain theres a bright flash that blinds you than it ports you to his cage for the final scene. If your not on top of him and collecting drops blind, you end up getting nothing from the FINAL BOSS. I’m sorry, but letting people get gypt on the end boss loot is like kicking your players in the sack than laughing in their face. There’s no reason to do it unless your goal is to troll your players for kicks n’ giggles.

Those aren’t the only levels with end boss issues, but they are the most notable (as they bookend the entire PvE campaign). Please make some changes to those poor design decisions and hire better QA testers.

Thanks for your time.


Well as far as I know, everything besides bonus score (yellow balls) is automatically looted at the end of the game. Well, others in the forum mentioned this before, at least and it seems to be true.

I agree though, bonus score disappears too quickly overall. Those two fights that you mention really are too short of a window to pick up. Luckily it’s not hard to get gold on heliophage, but that doesn’t make the issue less of an issue.

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If that’s true, than at least we do get some of the drops. Still a poor design decision though. It really takes away from the excitement of the victorious loot explosion when your ported away before you get a chance to grab anything and Basque in your success.

The low quality of most boss drops are bad enough, however the lack of any indication that the drops were automatically acquired doesn’t help either.

Having a mechanic like various other missions have where you need to physically stand somewhere to end the mission should be the norm. Getting ported out after defeating rendain shouldn’t be a thing.



In the Rendain fight I think is a good decision, if you don’t kill the thralls and you are playing hardcore or its your last life, there’s a chance that you can die so fast and don’t finish the mission. This happened to me just after Rendain explode in loot, lucky I was playing with a friend and he manage to stay alive.


Typically, after you beat a boss, the loot drops and then the adds die off. But if you die at the same time you kill the boss, it makes little difference.

In that scenario you just brought up, as you experienced, the quick port to the cage still wouldn’t have saved you. However, if the excess critters die off after you drop Rendain, you’d have some time to collect yourself and the drops before moving to the end.

IMO, the mission shouldn’t snatch you out until your ready to move on. That applies not only to the Heliophage, but for all the story missions.

I can’t believe that’s true. I’ve played through missions, specifically the Heliophage and didn’t get anything from the boss. I’ve definitely seen ■■■■ fall through the floor and over cliffs as well.

I’d love if it automatically collected loot, but I just don’t believe it does.

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It’s a stupid design that needs a very hard look over. Why are there so many chests and boss fights near map edges/cliffs? Actually getting a decent score is based on sheer luck. Playing solo and knowing exactly how and when ANY extra score bubbles drop in most levels (only played the heliophage once to finish the “story”… that level is terrible) my score can sway up to 20-30k either way depending on how lucky I am with where the bubbles drop and how fast I can get to them. If RNGesus doesn’t drop a speed pick up before the extra score shower then you’re kinda screwed. I’m so sick of this game’s reliance on luck. I want to be rewarded based on my skill and intelligence. I can handle the RNG loot, but not when the gameplay is based on luck to this extent.

As for gear dropping off the map/not being able to pick it up before the level “finishes” is straight up bull. Seriously, GBX, what were you guys thinking?


Trick is to kill Isic near the ground, but i agree they shouldnt start their despawn timer till they land.
As for Heliophage im a little so so, there are several bosses so you get more orbs then any other map but yeah its kinda sucky you get ported right away. I think the worst map for score in my opinion is Renegade since Jailer jumps to that ledge and most of his fall off the map

You can bait him off the platform for the killing blow.

Whittle him down to almost nothing then Stand between the building & the crates stacked in front of the boss.

Make sure you have line of sight and wait for him to launch his stun rockets… and let them hit you. He’ll follow it with a pounce, drawing him off the platform. Kill him before he runs back.

Then run around like Pacman gobbling up yellow dots before they dissolve into nothing.


Its not true in my experience. One run through of the algorithm i killed him while i was being smooshed in the ceiling. By the time i got down i picked up the coins i found but couldnt find the gear. By the time i saw it i couldnt get to it in time and i got jack. It was only blue but still.

Also in the sentinel i killed the second mini boss over by the buildable thing and most of his crap went off the cliff.

I think any mechanic that incentivizes you to run around crazily after a boss fight like a headless chicken needs a re-think…I never understood quite what they were thinking with the bonus score thing why don’t they just stay out there…


I’m ok with it as it is - with five people running around there’s very little that is missed unless stuff falls of the ledge - i which case I feel that strategy is required.

Since the rest of the game feels so heavy handed towards getting you to play with others it feels in line. Same thing with the random nature of so much of the game. But I’m happy to keep playing. I now I’ll get a higher score and the best stuff eventually, if I keep playing, whether I mean to or not.

I think it’s odd that medals rely only on those yellow orbs and not time, lives or aiming skills.

Your final score doesn’t mean you are better, only faster to get yellow balls that doesn’t drop off the edge.

So yes, they should last longer.

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It’s a balancing act. In some missions the yellow balls are important (renegade ime) in others the blue balls are plenty to gold. and if the crits do affect it, then charcter choice as melee characters i find much harder to crit with, especially against certain enemies (kelvin is short, yo).

Have you seen boldur? :joy:

But yes I think relying on yellow balls for your score and not your performance is pretty silly in my opinion

Yellow, and even blue, score bubbles need to go. Period. Doesn’t matter if they stay on the map forever as far as I’m concerned. It is the laziest, most unintuitive attempt at a scoring system that I’ve ever seen.

Was your uptime with Reyna’s overshields above 90%? Did your debuff account for 30% of damage on major enemies? Did you get a record-breaking time? Did you place all of Marquis’ Slow-Bubbles perfectly and get 80% accuracy, with third-shot crits at every opportunity? Did your team prevent the defense point from taking literally any damage? Did everyone play their character and role to absolute perfection? Well, that’s cool, but you didn’t loot enough and didn’t run in circles fast enough, and it’s readily apparent that this is the point of the game, so… BRONZE MEDAL!!!

I’ve given longer rants with more explanation and posted numbers elsewhere, so I’ll leave it here, but to say the scoring system needs tweaks or that score bubbles should exist in any way just doesn’t go far enough at all. Sorry. Rant over.

Dang it. No, sorry, I lied. I feel the need to preemptively address a possible response. Even if the amount of yellow bubbles is tied somehow to performance against the boss (I haven’t seen any evidence of this, but who knows), and even if they were auto-looted and/or never disappeared, they would still be a redundant mechanic AT BEST! (As opposed to their current state of being a lazy, unintuitive, hall-of-shame level of bad design.)


…I rant because I care; I really do enjoy the gameplay that isn’t related to the above; I’ve bought this game for two people, brought two others in, and can’t go through the embarrassment of explaining this system to one more new player; I’d tag a Dev but I don’t remember their names (and this post is probably a little aggressive for that anyway); etc…


Like what? The Archive post-fix is the only one that comes to mind, all others give you just a bronze or silver if you don’t pick up bonus points.

Just wanted to add a video showing how the death blow on Rendain plays out:

It’s not so bad if you’re standing on top of him when he dies. Unfortunately, if you get knocked off the ledge or land the killing blow from a distance, you kinda get screwed.