Please put anointments on Trinkets ONLY

Let’s simplify Farming issues and even help eridium caches.

Take ALL anointments off ALL weapons and instead let us charge up trinkets with the anointment instead. You could change the anoint in sanctuary for anything from free to cash or eridium. I prefer charging eridium myself.

This lets you have the anoint you want in the slot no matter what weapon you put there. So if you wanted to have 2 trinkets with damage anoints and 1 health regen 1 ammo regen, there you go. More build diversity to suit YOUR playstyle.

MASSIVELY cuts down farming time.

Actually makes trinkets have some value besides very minor cosmetics.

Could be a nice way to get rid of excess eridium.

Would also save on bankspace as you dont have to farm 5 of each shield / grenade / weapon to have all your bases covered.

I dunno what is not to like about this but I am sure you guys will tell me.

Please, if you like this idea jump in. The more activity the more traction it seems to get with GBX.


Sorry, wouldn’t fix grenade / shield anoints but I am sure there is a way to work it into those.

Personally, I like the idea and would love to hear Gearbox’s opinion on it. I think it could work and @Xolos is right, it would eliminate the need for keeping a plethora of the same weapons with different anointments, allowing more bank space.


I think i like this. Would bring so much to light.

I like it a lot! If we needed to go to Earl to infuse trinkets with anointments, that would also provide another Eridium sink.

Once you have all anointments (and I guess four copies of the good ones), you’re basically done though. I don’t know how much eridium this would cost, but the point is that I think GBX does want us looking for “god rolls” to some degree. Destiny 2 had a whole thing where players didn’t like that they could collect everything too easily due to fixed weapon parts.

But I agree that the current system needs some RNG mitigation, and using eridium/currency for it could be cool.

This is a great idea and is very player friendly.
If GB did do something like this they would make it not player friendly to achieve.

Unfortunately BL3 depends on the carrot not content to keep players engaged.

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Depends on how it is implemented. Just brainstorming here…

Let’s say that the anointments and trinkets are separate, and you need to infuse the trinkets with eridium (crafting in a sense I suppose). You can only put certain anointments on certain trinkets. These trinkets are arranged in tiers, so that you can put more powerful anointments on better trinkets that cost more eridium to buy from Earl. On top of that, to infuse the trinket with an anointment would cost more eridium depending on how strong the anointment is.

This way, you have an eridium sink, you need to work your way up to more powerful gear, and GB could balance all of the difficulties with the expectation that would pass certain “gear checks”. This is just me, but I don’t care if M10 is BS if the expectation is that your build incorporates the highest tier anointments that you had a clear route to farm.

I suppose they could add two more trinket boxes and have them for shields and grenades that way.

I was thinking you could charge whatever anointment you want on a trinket but only change them out in Sanctuary or something to avoid abusing it.

Would just add another dimension to builds if you are looking for glass cannon or for tanky survival you get to choose.

And again, it would stop a lot of that annoying farming for just the right anoint on just the right weapon with just the right rolls. At least it takes out one of those factors.

Again though, lots of people viewing but not many joining in. If you dont keep this active GBX wont pay much attention. So, if you like it, please reply. If you dont like it, please tell me why and where the problems would be.

They just proved they DO sometimes listen and the squeaky wheel gets the grease, so … Squeak Squeak .

There is no reason why the trinket “slot” or whatever you want to call it couldn’t be added to grenades/shields even if the cosmetic part wasn’t visible (just the anointment slot).

To the main OP I agree with this completely. It’s been suggested over and over by many people and IMO is a much more elegant solution to the anointment problem. It would allow GB to create as many anointments they want without polluting the loot pool and would give so much more build diversity without adversely impacting farming with every new anointment.

Make generic “trinkets” a loot drop that have one of the anointments present. Once you find the generic trinket with whatever anointment on it you can go to Earl’s or whatever and spend Eridium or cash or whatever to add that anointment to your collection of anointments. Then in your Echo device you can add the cosmetic + any anointment you collected to an appropriate item. Now you never have to find that anointment again.

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That’s actually not a bad idea. The trinkets are completely useless. Farming is completely useless. Half the anointments are completely useless. This game is approaching completely useless, aside from being a frisbee.

Something major needs to happen, because I feel like I’ve been one of the more patient loyalists.

I used to see 15-20 people on my friends list playing BL3 at a time. It’s down to 3 or 4.

I mean if you think about it…adding anointments to trinkets would sort of solve the issue with anointments. People wouldn’t be clamoring for the “crappy” anointments to be removed from the game. If you don’t like an anointment just don’t use it and since it’s not part of the gear/weapon RNG it doesn’t matter how many anointments are in the game.

Seems like an easy win/win for players and GB since it allows GB to release as many weird or niche anointments as they want without players complaining that they are polluting the loot pool with stuff they may not want but it doesn’t remove the niche items that maybe a minority of players like.

Let’s be honest. It is not in Gearbox’s best interests for you to be able to farm all the gear you need for your amazing build in a weekend. They are doing their best to walk a fine line between “we have these players hooked forever” and “this is too frustrating people are leaving”.

They have DLC to sell.

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I don’t think separating anointments from gear/weapons would allow you to do that. Anointments have added another huge layer of RNG on top of the existing RNG that existed in BL2. Removing that only puts gear back to BL2 levels of farming where you have to find the item you want + rolls you want + element you want + mayhem level. Then you have to find the anointment trinket (once). It would be far less than now but will still require a lot of farming…just in a more sane way that doesn’t make people quit in frustration.


I think that the concept itself (that it’s basically like attaching a class mod to your gun), is very interesting, and might be really refreshing in a future game.

As for this one, though? I’m sorry, but I strongly disagree: I think that trinkets should stay cosmetic only.

I think most people are willing to overlook the parts in this game so it’s really mostly element + gun + anoint. There are a few exceptions, like the x2 prefix or the boom prefix but in general I don’t see people chasing after a perfect grip in this game.

Heck, a lot of gear has fixed parts. Every Transformer is the same aside from the anoint.

As if that weren’t enough even element is not as critical as it used to be. If I get an incendiary gun I can slap corrosive and shock elements on it with a grenade and shield anoint.

Out of curiosity, is there any reason you would object to putting the anoints on trinkets as opposed to having them as a very minor cosmetic only that is largely ignored? Knowing the reasons why not can be just as important as the reasons why so we can work out the bugs.

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Just let us re-roll anointments for eridium.

I agree that is one way to do it and have suggested it many many times on different threads. This one just seems more elegant and would save me from all that bank scrolling to find the version of the weapon I want.

As they didn’t seem to embrace the idea of rerolling I thought this one might spark the idea hounds over at GBX. Any solution would be a likely improvement over the present snafu.


It’s a very nice idea. It’s elegant, and would actually make more sense storywise (how did a skag get its hands on an annointed weapon anyway?)

I have one addition to suggest: tie the potency of the annointments to certain trinkets somehow, and/or perhaps their element. So, if you use a cheap white trinket you bought for 5 eridium at Earl’s, you’ll get 90% extra damage while an action skill is active. But if you use an ultra-rare legendary trinket that you dropped from a boss, and apply the same annointment to it, you’ll get 120% extra damage while an action skill is active. Or if you use a trinket you picked up from some boss on the ice world of Xylorgous, you’ll do 100% cryo damage while an action skill is active

However, I have a pretty big reservation with all of this . Realistically, what would be left to play for? Aside from annointments and a few dedicated drops (eg. kaoson), it’s very easy to get the top tier guns you want, on account of legendaries falling like rain everywhere you look. If we could outright purchase our favourite annointments and reuse them on any gun we choose, what’s left to farm for?

I’m not saying the current system is ideal - it certainly isn’t. But there’s got to be some element of difficulty and/or unpredictability involved otherwise you lose the thrill of the chase.