Please read gearbox from a long time fan

Hopefully this message reaches out to someone to gearbox and would love to know everyone’s opinion or feelings on this. This game and company is loved by a lot of people and fans but it feels like it’s going to be just like destiny’s endgame. You constantly grind for stuff to get no where. I love that your trying to help us boderland lovers and fans but what happened to the good old days of boderlands and boderlands two with all the craziness the loot that didn’t matter on what kinda build ya did you could still beat all the endgame content still had fun doing it. I just feel as a long time player we are being left out to dry. Please help us because I know a lot of us followers feel the same way. Like if we as players wanna break the game let us that’s what makes boderlands boderlands. I remember wasting hours with random people I didn’t even know and just having fun getting random blue or purple items then freak out over legendary but then have legendarys drop like crazy and it feel so rewarding. I just feel the progression and the problem are being tackled at a wrong angle and I’m no game developer but we like hearing daily feedback so we know we are still being looked after by a great company we all have come to love. Hopefully this reaches out to someone at gearbox.


I don’t know what Borderlands 2 you played, but the loot absolutely mattered, and there were absolutely meta items that you need to excel in the endgame.


Yeah sure but did you honestly need it to have fun no you honestly didn’t? Your talking like it was this huge big deal. Your builds were more flexible then now you cant even use half the skill trees or do any good builds in bl3? So whatever meta your talking about there was no competition or comparison to the diversity and weapons you could use on bl2. Sure you had your ungodly weapons and builds in bl2 but not everyone played them just beat a freaking robot with two heads

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I can’t really agree with this. Sure if you play in M4 you need top tier gear but that’s not the case in TVHM or even M1 or M2. I’ve been playing since launch and I’m still finding new gear or uses for Legendaries I’ve had sitting in the bank just by trying different builds etc. And there are so many Legendaries that drop now it’s fun to try out different things and contrary to a lot of what I read here there are lots of Legendaries that work quite well in base game.

In BL2 in OP8 you absolutely needed top gear to survive. I only played OP8 with Lilith but with e.g. Axton it was a massive slog so I kept him at OP2. Gear and builds definitely mattered. But in regular UVHM you could get away with a lot more build variety, just like you can in BL3 TVHM.

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There aren’t enough ways to break the game, anoints seem limited as if there should be more. I’ve been farming and getting stronger gear but still at the point of being too strong for M3 but not able to have consistent damage in M4. Either kill skills have to built up or my weapons need to all be x3

Its an M4 issue, if M4 didn’t exist I’d have broken the game already. Certain builds work for M4 which seems really narrow in what you must use.

I don’t really like using a build that everyone else uses, it is borderline boring knowing there is only a handful of ways to go Mayhem 4


BL1 is different, but BL2 and BL3 are very similar in that you’re not beating any Raid Bosses solo without top-end gear and specific builds.

Fun is subjective; I can’t argue with that. If you’re not having fun, that sucks. But it’s not the call for change that you were originally talking about. And don’t get me started on build diversity in BL2, especially when that game has UVHM :stuck_out_tongue:

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Uvhm in bl2 is nothing like bl3 uvhm mayhem almost renders it useless. I have not see any difference other then a couple more badass enemy’s compared to m3 or m4 and bl2 sure uvhm was an actual struggle but that’s what it made it fun though but it is what it is. Everyone has an opinion and can speak freely on it. Don’t like mine I honestly don’t care that’s just way I feel. I just feel that mayhem mode is really torquing with this game

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I feel like they don’t care about the fans anymore. They are building a game for them, not us.

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I feel the same way and I feel the community strength gearbox used to have is weaken but don’t get me wrong I still love the game I’m just expressing my thoughts

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Just FYI, it’s ‘Borderlands’. :wink: .

From another old time ‘boderlands’ fan who cares about spelling. And paragraphs.


Lol I was at work and just hate smashing buttons lol😂

I’ve been here since Bl1, this game is just a drop in the bucket to what either 1 or 2 was. It just came out with a long road ahead. I just ran takedown for the first time last night and had several glitching issues that had me restart the whole thing, drops falling through the floor or bad lag. I realize this is new to Gearbox and they’re trying so let’s be patient give honest helpful feedback and see what happen’s. This community all by itself is reason enough for me to hang around, i’ve never seen such a helpful crew.

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I’m not seeing it that way. There’s a myth that keeps getting echoed in these forums that you “need the top tier gear” to play MH4 and the Takedown as if there’s just a small handful of very specific legendary guns and anointments that work well.

GBX said from the start that they designed MH4 for synergized builds - ie, your specific skill point selections + com + relic + weapons + anointments together create some extremely powerful combos, even with purple and blue guns/shields/grenades. IMO they succeeded in that regard.

Guys like ThiccFilA, Kabflash, kbk160008, studdugie, Joltz, moxsy, LazyData (there are others i just don’t recall offhand) prove this week after week.


yeah I’m not a top player by any stretch of the imagination but even I’ve noticed that a good number of weapons and gear seem to have been designed to work with specific builds and if you do try different combos then you will reap the benefit. It’s not a question of “this gun will work no matter what the situation” but more one of carefully considering how to synergise your gear. In that respect I think they have created more and better diversity than BL2

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Yeah they designed MH4 for synergized builds but there is no way to acquire the gear from farming to experiment. I say this as a console player and someone who does not want to trade gear with anons on an online forum to advance my gameplay.

You say its a myth that you need top gear for MH4, but its not a myth. People are coming to that conclusion from their own experience in playing MH4 , if that is not your experience then thats fine, but don’t say its a myth. If it keeps getting echoed, its not because people made it up and ran with it. It comes from trying many strategies with the loot we have only to find out its not good enough.

Btw guys like Joltz and Moxsy have top tier loot at their disposal. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying they don’t farm for gear, but they have online communities that can get them what they want if they ask for it. They also share game saves regularly, that’s how they are able to crank out so many build videos. Joltz just came out with a new build two days ago “Splash Master Moze Build” and it has the game save in the description. If its a myth that you need top gear, why would he be sharing the game save? All of the guns in that video are Anointed Gunner.


I totally agree. Legendaries just don’t feel special anymore. And there are really only a few that are really effective on m4.

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I feel the same if there was a mayhem mode 3.5 in between it would be so much more fun

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I wish gearbox let borderlands be borderlands. Stop nerfing every single fun making gear the community found in game. I agree in online coop there must be a balance that the game is not crashing all the time, but if players beeing solo, let them have the power they farming for!!! It already steal any kind of fun, when players farming 1000’s of hours for one specific item they want and at the same time they scared of keep farming, because good items get nerfed and making play borderlands useless more and more… in borderlands 2 i have hundreds of days playing and there was no single second i loosing my fun and love to this game and why? Because no one cares that my norfleet clears the entire map while i stand at spawn and no one cares about my double unkempt harold i killed any raid boss with an single burst. We all had much fun and loughing all time and every gamer could asking me for my gear and i shared it… no i play bl3 and could break the disc at any game crash that i have since last hotfixes, any time i join a friend at the same point i would landing in sanctuary, my xbox shut down… any time i found a new build i have fun on gaming, next nerf is downloading… i waiting for years as any other player for this game and it could be so wonderful, but NO, fun is not allowed… so another time, dear gearbox, PLEASE STOP NERFING ANY USEFULL GEAR AND PLEASE LET BORDERLANDS BE BORDERLANDS THAT EVERY GAMER IS LOVING. PLEASE!!!