PLEASE READ *My list of fixes for newcomers"

Listen, I love this game. But this game is awful for newcomers especially into the MOBA genre. I have Been playing since launch but I could not help but notice that there have been a lot of players Under leveled in certain circumstances in a multiplayer match. For example, I was level 10 while the whiskey foxtrot on my team was level 6. That is a problem.

  1. This game doesn’t go in depth with how important gaining experience is in every match or the significance of killing minions. It’s just…“Escort minions to blah blah blah”.
    Could you imagine in League of legends “when you are first getting started” all they told you was to “destroy enemy nexus”. You know how upset new players would be when they found out how much more they have to do to get to that point of a match while getting destroyed? This game is MOBA. It NEEDS a full in depth tutorial for newcomers.
    Hell, this game doesn’t even explain that you can RE-CALL in Incursion or meltdown or how to get thralls on your side (newcomers). That is a HUGE part of this game. So why was that left out?

  2. WHY OH WHY are you able to build your own health stations and thumper turrets after destroying them in the enemy base in incursion? Do you know how much of a landslide it becomes for the other team? Now they can’t even leave their spawn without getting shot by their own thumper turrets (game changing turret) because their first sentry got destroyed. That’s why most people just surrender because there is literally no hope at that point when you have to take back everything IN YOUR OWN BASE. You can’t build your own thumper turrets in meltdown after you destroy one in enemy territory, so why incursion? That’s like me destroying a turret in an enemies base in League of legends and then building it as my own. That would be ridiculous.

3.Whiskey foxtrot gun. Can we PLEASE do something about this? The blue flash every time you fire is insanely obnoxious. You get used to it overtime but for people watching you or for the first few times using him, it’s absolutely horrid. I don’t want to feel like i’m having a seizure every time I shoot somebody.
PLEASE (if you do make this game f2p) Make a god damn legit tutorial for multiplayer or make newcomers play a match against bots WHILE EXPLAINING TO THEM WHAT TO DO before they get to play an actual match so they can get a feel for the game.


This game is WAY easier to get into than League. If players would actually escort minions as they are told to, it would do wonders.

I agree with all the points, except for WF as I don’t use him, so I can’t say much about it. They should probably address holding the button down for burst fire issue though.

  1. The PvP aspect in this game isn’t very welcoming to new players, which can lead to them staying away from PvP and potentially the entire game itself. I would like to suggest maybe follow in Uncharted 4’s steps in adding a Warm-up mode, where players of a certain CR and below, or those trying out PvP for the first time will be matched to each other, instead of gettting matched against high CRs and getting steamrolled.

  2. Yeah, that whole issue should have never made it past beta if you ask me. Getting the other side’s Thralls should the be only option available, as it provides a risk in the Thrall getting stolen.

Also, on its worst day the community is 1000% nicer and more helpful.

I include myself in that figure, and I’m a total bastard.

Anyway, as to the OP’s point, I don’t think enough emphasis is put on not only farming minions for leveling purposes, but also the importance of out leveling your opponents.

I just feel like they should make an actual in depth tutorial.

Too many game changing game mechanics are being left out/not explained

I know that. But this game doesn’t tell you how to recall OR that you can get experience without actually landing the killing blow on a minion so you won’t stay dying all the time if you are by yourself in a lane but want to progress.

This is easier than league but it’s still has tons of MOBA aspects. It isn’t a simple game. Things need to be explained

I don’t disagree with you. The particular things you mentioned are 100% on the money. It’s also why I really wish they’d remove the score column until they are ready to replace it with something better and move objective-based columns to the front of the list.