Please reconsider allowing paid users to invite trial players to private matches

This might be PC specific, but please think about it again. To avoid people exploiting it, maybe only allow trial players below CR 20 to join?

I’m asking for that, because of this thread (and similar cases before):

People who try to join the game now are mostly stuck in novice queues (especially in Australia, New Zealand, …). I’m trying to help them by dragging them into the higher CR bots queue for levelling purposes (if my time allows to do so), but in some cases this means that I’m pulling someone with very high latency into the european servers and this can create issues for up to three innocent people and I honestly feel bad about that. I have no problems with playing in a laggy environment, because I chose to do so, but the other ones involved probably aren’t too happy. :frowning:

I would prefer if I could just play some private games with them until they are at least high enough to enter something a little more populated than novice queues and the bots I’d put as filler on both teams won’t be influenced by lag I’m creating.