Please reduce anointed enemy spawn rate

As the title says, I(and most of the community i’m sure) am annoyed with anointed enemies, they have too much health and the anointed militants take way too long to kill with their immunity, it’s no fun having to put down my controller while i wait for the militant to cool off his immunity, he forces me to get away from the fight and that is counter intuitive to general mobbing in a borderlands game, please just reduce the rate or cut their health in half, it is an easy fix, please.
If anyone agrees with me a like or some form of interaction would be appreciated.

Personally, I’d be happy if they didn’t spawn randomly at all, just showing up in the handful of places they’re scripted to.

The miliatant is annoying. I found if you get a little distance from him he stops attacking. Just wanders and puts the shield up when you attack, but no fire.

The one that shots grenade orb, same thing. The orb has a fixed range, as long as your out of it your fine. But i do agree very anoying. They really need to have a cool down on abilitys. We do.

Only anointed I have problems with is the militant, and it wouldn’t be an issue if they fixed his immunity issues. The only dangerous one is the tink version. The anointed, imo, are useful in making engaging combat when they spawn early in an encounter when there are other enemies that spawn throughout the encounter. Their attacks are dangerous, but they don’t have the accuracy, outside of the tink version, that other COV enemies have, so you can pace yourself with how you engage with them. They give you choice to focus them to leave all but the trash to handle afterward or take pot shots at while you clean up the surrounding mobs. It would be nice to put their teleporting on a longer cooldown so they don’t force you in undesirable situations as often when there are more than just themselves in combat . The devs should just consider making other enemies consistently spawn more often in an anointed encounter, and the adds don’t end until the anointed is dead, so the fight just doesn’t end up with the usual outcome of the anointed all on their own being an unengaging bullet sponge.