PLEASE release a separate PVP version of the game

I had the pleasure to test the open beta last week, and i got to say, the PVP part of it is the first time that i seriously enjoyed and engaged into a MOBA type of game, i loved the characters, i loved the pace of the game, i loved the strategy, all of it.

But after seeing the price for the complete game it really bummed me out, i don’t think anyone would pay 60 dollars for the PVP alone, and i dont want the co-op missions and i think there are plenty of people that think this, so i was thinking that maybe a version of the game that contains only the PVP part of it, for a more reasonable price like 15~30 dollars would be a pretty good move from Gearbox.

Everyone i recommended the game have had 2 complaints,

1- Overwatch looks better, you should seriously release some marketing differentiating yourself from Overwatch, everyone is confused that this is a competitor, which is NOT.

2- It costs 60 fricking dollars

Every MOBA or MOBA “style” game already released is at the price point i mentioned before or just plain F2P.

Well thats what i had to say, i really hope that you consider this point of view, because as it is, not me nor my friends that have tested the game see it costing $60, and won’t be buying if that is the only way of playing the PVP.

Goodbye and thanks for making a different game.

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Well, I saw like 150+ topics like this… Maybe Battleborn is simply not your style of game and you should buy another game. The possibility for mutual satisfaction would be far bigger this way, instead of asking GBX to create a new game only 1 week before launch.

And yes it costs money. I can recommend to watch the Southpark episode with the topic “Freemium Games” - it shows how “free” games exploit gamers to pay money after all. (most “free” games end up costing the gamer 50$+ , thats not free at all…)

I´ve some things I dislike too - but I never met THE PERFECT game with no flaw or stupid detail what so ever.


I suppose I can see where you’re coming from, but I want to say that with Overwatch being the main competitor for this game, them being the exact same price, and Battleborn having single player capabilities ALONG with a story mode (which from everything I’ve seen Overwatch does not) I’d say Battleborn is giving a great deal more playability and bang for the buck.

Overwatch looks better based on one’s own perspective. I personally think Battleborn looks better and I have a ton of respect for Blizzard. Also, many popular F2P MOBAs often have “pay to win” aspects or you can pay to speed up a ridiculously slow progress system. That is the main reason I quit LoL and Smite. The game will also have a price drop eventually. My guess is that it’ll drop at least $20 after a year if not more. So if you’re hesitant, buy it then.

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$60 is the standard or most games, I keep seeing people say its a crazy price but again almost all major titles are that price on release.


Nyahhhh I just hate to discuss the costs of a game - If I want it I set money aside to buy it, or I wait until its cheaper. Indeed, today games drop in prces SOOOO fast, its easy to wait 3 months to get a title for 30% less. We´ll see how it goes for BB.
(Sunset Overdrive??? Its free on XBone now)

I don´t really care about Overwatch, though I hope for all its fans they´ll have a great time with that game, same as I´ll enjoy Battleborn :heart:

This endless “War between Wargames” really makes me tired. Games are ART - theres no real “better” or “worse”. There is only personal taste,style & choice.


Wonderfully put


Two main reasons why I think this would be a bad idea:

  1. Lore challenges. Some characters have lore challenges which can only be completed by playing PvE, removing the PvE aspect of the game would require changing many of the lore challenges and though that wouldn’t really be hard, it detracts from how PvE and PvP tie into one another in this game, there is a story here not just senseless killing each other and playing an objective that nobody quite understands.

  2. Gear. Gear is the big one. Most of your gear comes from PvE, you get tons of gear drops including unique legendaries that you can’t get anywhere else. You also earn tons of in-game credits, much more than you do playing PvP, that you can spend on buying more gear packs. Ultimately PvE is very important to this game, it’s more than just a structured storyline it’s a faster way to unlock characters and gear that enhance your PvP experience.

Besides, you’re bound to get tired of PvP at some point and instead of playing a different game for that period you can relax and play some PvE solo or with your friends :wink: Story is a big part of this game, as it was the Borderlands series, to take it away would literally be breaking this game in two and detracting one of the biggest appeals to Gearbox games.


Isn’t the PvP game that everyone insists on comparing this title against ALSO $60 with no single player game what so ever?

I really hate that this game is turning into a new CoD vs. BF war…

$59.99 is the price for almost all major IP titles on consoles. I can see where the PC guys get different prices for different titles, but we (consoles) are used to this price point and factor it in when money is short or being saved.


Spot on, and I have no idea where it’s coming from? Nobody on the Battleborn side really seems to think that it’s a competition, at least not on social media, YouTube, or these forums. I’m not about to blame anyone from the Overwatch community, but well I somewhat blame them. I’ve seen a lot of hatred coming from their side on social media and YouTube against this game, and there’s even one or two floating around here as well. With such toxic aggression, I don’t want to play Overwatch at all simply based on the behaviour of the community. I know it’s not all of them, and I’m sure there are some Battleborn fans around here somewhere doing the same thing, but I’ve yet to see any Battleborn fans spouting hatred against Overwatch where I’ve seen many from the opposite end, and that saddens me. If a game is good but the community is negative and belligerent, I will not play the game. I hope more people realise this and just enjoy playing the game instead of making out like their decision in games is somehow influencing the world of video games.


There were plenty points brought up - heavier emphasis on story, gear unlocks, progression boosts, pricing among consoles, etc.

Since you cannot read perhaps gaming isn’t your strong suit.

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It could be that some think it’s a bad idea. I’ve seen devs do this before with other games; the only example that comes to mind is StarHawk on the PS3.
However, with BattleBorn it wouldn’t work very well. Like @Slif_One said, a lot of the gear you use is picked up and earned in the Story mode, and some of the Lore challenges for the BattleBorn heroes wouldn’t be able to be completed without playing in the Story mode. BattleBorn wouldn’t be complete without Story mode, man.

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Wow, well I think once we all saw your F2P comment we knew you wouldn’t get why the game is amazing and at this price point. LoL is steady waiting for your $300 for it’s F2P game.

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Well, as far as I red your post you dislike the story & PvE part and you would pay 60$ rather for a full PvP than the game as it is now. Thats what I responded too.
You made your point and yes, many people think as you do. But GBX does not and they made this game as they wanted to.
What kind of respond did you expect anyways?

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