Please release all character profiles before tech test

We’re just one day away from the technical test. And if there’s others out there like me, who like to research every character and their abilities before playing, we would really like a profile of all the characters that will be in the test.

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while betas might like that, the whole point of the technical test is to balance characters and get skills and stuff figured out. Releasing the current data would not only confuse people once the full game landed, but also would spoil a lot before the game is even released.

@CinCat Try this

and ISIC here

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Thanks happyjack!

I also see your point truehammertime. Perhaps they could take the profiles offline once the game is released. I think I just like to get a rough idea of characters so I don’t go in completely blind.

The game interface may give you a good idea too as I would assume they would have some sorta of in game label for the characters on the intended purposes along with strengths and weaknesses. Otherwise we would be totally lost at being able to let gearbox know," Hey this guy is suppose to be melee tank but when I match against a similar character its more like soggy paperbag than any form of armored hp damage soaker."

Or my guy is labeled long rang dps but when i try to counter support/dps/ or some other similar paper character I feel more like Im casually trying to Bedazzle their outfits with my bullets instead of actually controlled take downs.

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As it’s a CTT, I guess Gearbox wants us to play ALL the characters. To test balance and other thing (for example “Benedict flying will crash the map going out of bounds?”).
So, I want to play as Orendi (obviously) but I will make the effort to try all the characters to help with the balancing. And, who knows, maybe I love to play as Boldur hehehehe

CTT = Break it before you buy it.

What I mean is, be “creative” in how you play the game. Here’s some ideas:

  1. Network Tests: Take your laptop outside to play or anywhere where the connection speed might be choppy at best (just not in public)
  2. Exploration Tests: Try to find ways to jump up to areas you aren’t supposed to get to, or get blasted through walls
  3. Mechanic Tests: Do you see the impact of choosing a helix? Did that skill make you feel more powerful or were you let down. Will you EVER select the other side of the helix?
  4. Build Tests: Try to take the opposite helix selection than you normally would (or choose at random). Try to find the WORST build for every character, not just the best. Then talk about that build on the forum so the devs & others can see if they can beat it.
  5. Layout Tests: Does the environment hate you? Find the places where the environment seems to frustrate you and report them. Map builders build these the maps from a different perspective than the player playing it, so what they think you will see/do may not equate to what you experience.
  6. etc.

Some might consider this abuse, but it will help make the game better on launch. Fixing important things now will make the game less frustrating at launch.


It’s probably a good idea to research the characters, but I like to go in RAW…

Plan to play ALL the characters.

Remember, if you think you have a reputation to uphold, your TTC stats will all get reset at launch, so dare to be terrible at it, roll with the toons you least like, etc. Just so you know what playstyles might fit your friends.


Aside from stat resets playing all characters is one strat to being a stronger player. I think the CTT pool will be a decent size since only a small percentage will understand testing and reporting.

Got both ISIC’s & Ambra’s Helix (missing 1 lvl 10 skill) up on my site. Did this last night before my night shift. Just got back from work. I’ll bring my son to school and than i’ll see if i can get Benedict’s & Mellka’s Helix up before i go to sleep.