PLEASE remove Atlas/Vladof heavy weapon movement speed penalty

This hasn’t been brought up in awhile, but it still needs attention. Whoever had this idea is lame, some of the most interesting heavy weapons in the game are awful to use due to snail paced movement.


Agreed. Heavy weapons in this game aren’t powerful enough to justify penalties to move speed, IMO.


@hovismetaphor55 Have you used the Plaguebearer? It is not my personal favorite weapon, but I do like it, and it truthfully is the single best mobbing weapon in the game. The PB does not have a movement penalty to my knowledge, but you really don’t have to use anything else if you don’t want to and build around it. And with Fl4k and Moze you can spam it endlessly. You can do a TTD of the GTD and MTD with no other weapon.

I knew you got a movement speed penalty for some of the heavies in the game, but I have never noticed it with the PB to be honest.

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I hardly even notice it.


Tried the plaguebearer, but didn’t build around it. Wasn’t keen on it, so stuck with other weapons.
Seems weird that there isn’t the same penalties for all heavy weapons, though.

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None of the Torgue heavies get a movespeed penalty. That what OP is getting at - the Plaguebearer, arguably the best launcher in the game Doesn’t suffer from this downside.

I agree with OP. Launchers have other limitations and should not have to suffer a movement penalty. It feels bad.

The plasma coil is stronger than most of the games launchers, And suffers from no downside other than burst fire.

Fix launchers!


@hovismetaphor55 Do a build that focuses on splash and mag size, and even throw in an amp shield for S&G. It’s stupid powerful and synergizes well with Overkill and other GR perks as well.


I am running a Plaguebearer build at the moment. It destroys everything, even without optimal anointments.

Found a marksman BBBlaster shield (amp + power charge) it amps on every shot as long as I don’t get hit.


@cailte I had never even used a RL in BL3 until a friend sent me a Plaguebearer, and then I understood its power once I tried it. I just have never been a fan of RLs throughout the BL franchise.

But mane, the PB is golden. That thing is insane for mobbing. It also is super powerful for bossing too but doesn’t have the burst damage of some other weapons in that context. Still though, it is super good at what it does.

I find it humorous that I didn’t even know there was a movement penalty for Atlas and Vladof launchers LOL


@cailte The Marksman roll on a BBB is really good but I prefer the double amp roll personally. All the damage plus keeping your ammo topped off, AND shield boosters? Yes, please.

I have a double amp roll Plus Ultra for my Mindsweeper Moze, that thing is almost not even fair.


Equip a Freeman, Ruby’s Wrath/Plumage, Ion Cannon, Mongol or Backburner and your movement speed will cut by around 25%. Yet there is no movement speed penalty for Plaguebearer, Major Kong, Yellowcake or Nukem.


Yeah that’s kind of silly. I had no idea at all. You sent me a PB about 6-8 months back and I have not really tried too many other RLs seriously after using the PB. RLs have just never been my thing. It is weird that some have movement speed penalties and some don’t.

Maybe the Atlas RLs are heavier? :rofl:


Doesn’t seem very State of the Art to me :unamused:


I have a double amp plus ultra on one of my PS4 toons. Unstoppable. Power charge and Amp are seperate multipliers though. So they’re comparable for damage. Just not as consistent.


Just to follow on from OPs point, there are many launchers that should receive a damage buff In order to keep up with smgs, of all things.


Yeah, the fact that we have SMG’s AND AR’s that deal more damage than a lot of Heavy Weapons PER SHOT is a little embarrassing IMO.


And their ammo pool is what, 40X larger? And then they also have higher fire rate, larger magazine size, lower reload times… :slight_smile:


Yeah, don’t even get me started on Sniper Rifles . . .


Please go on… :slight_smile:

Snipers are really weird in BL3, IMHO. I somehow stopped using them almost completely - not sure if more mobile enemies contributed, the way enemies spawn on the maps, or the fact that even headshots are sometimes not enough to kill a mob - but it takes a lot of effort to use them now. And then you have “AR masquerading as sniper” scenarios.

May be I should start sniper-only character (Fl4k?) and see how it goes…


I am gonna do a separate write up for the imbalance between weapon classes to avoid derailment.