PLEASE remove Atlas/Vladof heavy weapon movement speed penalty

Snipers, especially Dahl and Jakobs, are really good on a normal mode playthrough. The issue is not that snipers aren’t powerful, it’s that they have weird scopes that take way too long to enter and exit ADS for the power they wield (i.e., awkward to use), there are perhaps 5-7 (or maybe less) that are worth using at endgame, and other weapon types seem to have more usable and flexible options that fulfill the same long-range combat needs. @vCarpeDiemv Will be interested to see your write-up and what you think.


Yeah I never knew it was a thing. Probably because Heavy weapons feel more like novelty than are actually usefull.

I never notice it because I don’t hold heavy weapons for long, I swap to them, shoot and then swap back to my main weapon. Now, to someone who wants to make a Launcher only build I can see that being a problem so they might as well remove it. It’s not like the Atlas and Vladof launchers are ridiculous in terms of stats compared to the torgue anc COV ones, so it’s just an insignificant but existing handicap to those weapons. Ooooooor, buff ALL launchers to the point that they are actually worth their ammo (Ion cannon 6 ammo really?) and add speed reduction to all of them.

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To the OP you could try getting a artifact with a movement speed perk that may help cancel the penalty but I’m not sure as I really haven’t tested it.I tend to mosty farm bosses with a heavy so mobility isn’t a issue and never really liked running and gunning with a heavy clearing out whole map like shamfleeting in Bl2 but that’s just my playstyle and if someone is having fun running around deleting mobs as Mr.Torque would say More ( ) EXPLOSIONS,Now the only time i really enjoy using a sniper or heavy other than a first play through is while playing arms race

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With last weeks buff to the Freeman and Plumage and a “good patch” scheduled tomorrow I’m gonna bump this thread with aimless optimism.