Please Remove Map Voting

There are only two maps per game mode, can we just randomize this?

I’ve played meltdown about 10 times and I’ve ONLY ever played Paradise. The community decides it likes one map better than the other and will ONLY ever play that map. I realize some maps are in fact better, but the rest of the world would like some actual variety.

I would much rather just be given a random map, so I at least have a chance to play all the levels in the game.


In most cases I don’t even think people are picking the one they think is better, they’re just picking the one they’re familiar with. It’s almost impossible to get a match on Coldsnap.


you seem pretty reasonable. why do you think that like 18 out of 20 matches are played on paradise? and here’s a hint: it isn’t just because people are more familiar with it.

because it’s the one they can cheat on

I really don’t find this to be the case. It was true the first few days after release,(I played all night and never touched coldsnap) but I have played a pretty good mix of all the maps recently.

you must not play much meltdown. my team and i were literally sitting at the door to the spawn on coldsnap. there are no indestructible turrets on coldsnap, unlike paradise.

That is slightly impossible concerning the impassable walls. Also there are indestructable turrets on either side of the map, just not in the middle (similar to paradise).

you can sit right at their door on coldsnap and not be under turret fire. you cannot do that on paradise. i mean we were literally sitting at the impenetrable walls just taunting the other team. you cant do that on paradise. the best you can do is wait around the corner.

If my memory is correct that is not the case on A side and I don’t believe it is on B side either. However it is very true for the middle for I have chased a great many cowards to that barrier. (I include myself as one of these cowards, especially when play a squishy character) But going around was always an option.

It’s ridiculous how many of my Incursion matches have been on the open beta map. I was level 8 before I saw Echelon. Overgrowth matches are so short because of the map abuse. I’m all for removing map voting. Majority rule doesn’t work in mental institutions. lol

Contemporary gamers can’t handle that kind of power. Seriously, you people are savages. Exploiting sucks and so do you if you do it.

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