Please remove Rakks from the creature slaughter dome

The choice of Rakks made by GBX almost feels trolly in nature XD. Bloated Rakks that never stop moving and keep dropping enemies that will not let you stand still, Badass Rakks that have AOEs that can cover about a 4th to a 3rd of the entire area based on there location and Shock rakks that are not as bad but love to divebomb you. Also I would mention that both Bloated and Badasses are pretty spongy.

Outside of homing grenades, and Atlas weapons they are really annoying to deal with and just make some waves drag unlike the other two circles of slaughter which keep a pretty good pace with the right set up. Outside of using Iron Bear on Moze with auto bear, or Rakk Attack on FL4K I never have a good time with this part of the Circle of Slaughter and honestly iv started to outright avoid it when starting new games.

I feel like arena also caused the Rakks to fiddle around in serpentine patterns more then they normally do in open areas on Pandora. Lastly iv had a couple occasions where they have just decided to fly though the left side of the map for a couple minutes making the waves take even longer.

I honestly with they would not have more then one badass or bloated Rakk active at a time making it far more manageable.


Yes I hate them too, they are the reason I only really do the other 2 circles of slaughter.

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i think their AI’s just need improved to actually aggro you instead of their obviously high evade behavior. since i don’t like slaughter shaft as its not worth it for how hard it is and so open/spread out. and slaughter star is the hardest thing in the game, in addition to not very many good drops, and always out of ammo by wave5 of round5. i do the cistern of slaughter roughly 5ish times a day min. it is fun and kinda easy and i get a lot of great drops there, i do hope they remove/ fix the flyers AI’s. this would of course make it more appealing to players to go there instead of shaft, where i may actually get a group to there more often.

I would honestly do that the most without rakks. Particularly at the end of the first couple of rounds and the last, it feels soooooo much time is wasted on those rakks. My jabber barely hits it, you kind of have to spray and pray and spam homing grenades (made worse by the hex nerf) and hope for the best.

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I believe collision issues with the narrow walls are what lead the Rakks to turn back and forth the way they do. Regardless GBX made a poor choice over loading some waves with beefy Rakks. If they play tested it I would assume they would have noticed the Rakks erratic behavior. If they have them at all they shouldn’t have 3 to 5 Bloated Rakks at a time. They already acknowledge the problem with the rate of which they where spawning there offspring which was a good step but I feel as if its not enough to make me slog though the Cistern of Slaughter. Along with the lack luster boss that gets stuck on every rock and tree it’s just not a ton of fun to re play unlike BL2s Creature Slaughter which I found to be a bit on the easy side but still fun to partake in.

The Slaughter Shaft and Slaughter Star 3000 are much more enjoyable by comparison.

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When I help friends clear it I now often go on Moze and just start spamming Cryo Hex Grenades and use Iron Bear with duel Homing Missiles and Auto Bear. Even then it can still take a while. Having a Tedior that homes in when thrown is also helpful but you will drain your ammo doing this.

All of this wouldn’t be so much of an issue if we had Gun stores and a Quick Change in the Zone so we can reformulate a strategy without having to re do previous rounds. I think falling the mission just by leaving the zone was a bit harsh.

Badass Chromatic Rakks are a contender for the most unfair/frustrating enemies in the game in my opinion. I have yet to find a proper way to evade or defend against their super hard-hitting area attacks. The only way I was able to cheese my way through the battle with Zane was abusing the fact that they won’t dive-bomb you if you stay near a big wall, preferably in a corner.

Bloated Rakks are also a bit of a pain, but honestly just because they’re such bullet sponges. I’ve never felt threatened by them (You can clear out all regular enemies on the ground first, then stay on the move and shoot the Rakks - their little spawns probably won’t ever land a hit on you).

On mayhem 1 or above in TVHM Bloated Rakks just make you take for every which is the problem. The longer they stick around the more ammo you need to dump trying to kill them. In the Cistern of Slaughter this is a problem as the area is tight and it can be difficult to keep opening crates when Jabbers are swarming you XD

Well I just (almost) beat the Cistern for my 1st time but can’t complete it because one of these damn Bloated Rakk’s is hiding on the other side of the wall for 1/2 an hour now. Nailed it a few times with a sniper rifle and now it flew to another part of the wall out of reach!!! WTF???