Please REMOVE the d@mn MX-Shepard Bots

GBX I understand your team wants to continue using these OP bots due to the time invested, modeling, scripting, w/e… They ruin PVP however and that is a bigger issue.

Having them spawn with every wave after a Sentry is destroyed in Incursion was a terrible idea and feels as though not properly tested. I equate it to CoD mentality. Player wrecks others, give them more tools to keep wrecking…wtf sense does that make.

Get rid of this snowball mechanic please. I saw the change you plan to make in the upcoming patch, they spawn every 2nd or 3rd wave…NO, REMOVE THEM ENTIRELY. They also give an OS to nearby players…come on how is that remotely fair in PVP game modes?

It sucks having to admit a mechanic is bad and get rid of something a person/team poured time into. You have to realize, if it is ruining your players/community experience, IT…MUST…GO!

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I actuallu agree with this. They work well in meltdown, but I don’t like them in incursion. I like close games, and the chance to change the tide. Once that first sentry dies it seems like match gets decided. I have never seen a game flip from that point, just stall.

I would rather they are removed from the game entirely. In Meltdown I guess they could stay but the OS to hero characters needs to go.

In meltdown they are fine. A little obnoxious but fine nonetheless. I think it helps prevent people from stomping the enemy while minions are up (As well as make the minions more difficult to kill so you can’t just freeze the lane)

In incursion they do need to go though, makes pushing a wave and coming back almost impossible once the sentry is lost.

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They spawn frequency is getting nerfed in Incursion.

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If you had read the entire post I stated I know about the patch and the change being made. It is a snowball mechanic that is unnecessary. Shepard bots take away any chance of a comeback. For that matter, there should not be the opposite either, a comeback mechanic.

It’s bump time this will remain an issue until patched. No Shepards in Incursion and AT LEAST; NO Overshield given to players in Meltdown.

Seriously, no one else has an issue with these?

They definitely shouldn’t go on meltdown. The OS on heroes is key in early game for melee to be able to get hits off on minions to be able to get experience.

I wonder if they are better off as a constructable, like that big bot that costs 600 shards. At least on Incursion. Though instead of 600, they should be at least 1000 or so due to how strong they actually are.

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If a constructible they need to be available for boths teams at the beginning of the match. I can see them being used strategically if this were the case. I will NOT budge of the OS to hero characters though, this needs to go!

Perfectly fine the way they are rn

I think the losing team should be the one getting Shepard’s, not the team that is pushing to second sentry.

It is a standart MOBA mechanic that favors early game plays. If there wouldn’t be any up sides to destroying the first sentry aside from some more ground control, it would make late-game picks too powerful.

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Rewarding team for loosing? No thx

If I had not stated in above comments, I’ll do so here. NO comeback mechanics, I completely agree, rewards for losing should not be in a games design.

Even if it is a “standard” MOBA mechanic which is true only to a small degree. When playing LoL or DOTA the 3rd inner turret must be destroyed to start spawning these bigger/badder creeps. The same is not true in BB. With the current exploits and how people can backdoor the sentry this snowball mechanic is not needed in the slightest. I spoke about this in the open beta. If the wave gets jammed up, it is possible to get multiple MX-Shepards stacked on each other, constantly OS’ing everything.

These creeps are not needed in a game mode that is supposed to be where the competitive players go. One more time, no OS should be given to hero characters in any game mode.