Please remove the mandatory Shift login to play coop' on PC

It’s basically all in the title…
I have about 1700 hours playing Borderlands 2. My mates and I have been playing countless nights together without hiccups for a long time…
Gearbox, why did you have to make Shift mandatory for coop’ between PC players?
Steam is fine and DRM enough.
Could you please make connection to the Steam servers sufficient to play coop’ with Steam players instead of being unable to play because of Shift problems?

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Is this why I’m stuck in the “creating online session” loop for hours now, cannot change network modes and get micro freeze every couple of seconds for a second which makes the game basically unplayable? Because of Shift issues? It was working perfectly fine this afternoon and previous days playing with my pal and now it just doesn’t. I’m new to BL franchise and don’t know what is going on with it!

Yup, Shift is the culprit.
For years Shift had been optional and coop’ worked perfectly fine via Steam only.
Unfortunately Gearbox decided to make the Shift account mandatory for coop to enable cross-platform on their games.
Shift has been acting up for days, I suppose they were stress testing before the Tina’s Wonderland release… Now that the game is out their bloody system doesn’t seem stable enough.
So they basically added a mandatory useless second login for people who want PC only coop.

I am having the same issue. Cant connect to anyone. On epic or steam. I have been trying to figure it out for a couple days now.

Gearbox has been working on their Shi(f)t servers for more than 2 days now… All Borderlands games are impacted since they made this crappy system mandatory for older games as well.
I’m pretty sure most players don’t use crossplay but all coop options are down because of this, and single player can be unavailable too.