Please remove the option to vote on maps

I enjoy Overgrowth as much as the next person but this worship of it as though all other maps are garbage is getting ridiculous. I think it’s extremely important to be able to select the game mode I want to play, but the map, not so much. In every multiplayer game I have ever played this hive mentality that one map beats all and the rest are inferior eventually takes hold. This cripples the online experience of said game whether it’s Halo, Gears, or any other online game that allows map voting. Please just put these maps on a rotation of some sort so we can experience all the maps that were created for these modes.

Or they could make echelons turret placement better so people can’t dive as much. The thumpers on that map are garbage and so are all the other defenses.

Idk what you’re talking about now. All I see is Monuments.


if the majority of the people in a lobby are forced to play a map they dont want to play, they will leave, myself included. ill do it here and there, but to potentially do it every game is simply unacceptable. there is a reason why some maps are way more popular than others.

I guess I just don’t understand those reasons. Every map has its positives and negatives but I have yet to run into negatives so severe it makes them unplayable. In fact the biggest offender I’ve run into was overgrowths sniping issue when this game first came out and it was still the most played map at that time. It somehow got a pass on an issue that basically made the map a joke.

That’s actually why I made this post. I got on to play a few matches today because I wanted to play the new maps and overgrowth was selected 3 straight games and then I had to go to work. If a new map isn’t getting picked in its infancy than what chance does it have a week from now.

P.S. I do realize what I’m suggesting would eliminate me from just hopping on and selecting the new map like I tried today but I think it’s better for the game in the long run.

i can give you just a few of a huge selection. echelon essentially has one way in and one way out. you can try to flank through the one side, but it is so easy to fight that kind of push off. essentially the first team to get pushed back into their steps, loses. there are also no real buildables or power positions in the center of the map, which makes the role of the builder, a classic moba role, non existent. they got simplicity right with echelon, but they really messed up with the narrow staircases.

monuments is also very lacking in objective play and power position play. the map is just an overload of flanks and spots that are not easily accessible to all players. the map really is just one big back door from 30 different spots. it also does not have any power position or buildables in the center of the map. if backdooring and flanking are your things, then you will love monuments. if you are a team that cant consistently manage objective play like wave clear, team composition, and map control, then monuments gives you a chance. i personally do not suffer from any of the above

so echelon’s neutral buildable is a health station bottom mid, a single buildable just like overgrowth. Also, that builder role fails to do his job, so often ignoring his own accelerators and thumper. But the thumper’s placement is crucial for pushing out after losing a first sentry. Monuments is great because it opens eyes to possible player positioning, but this same potential exists on echelon, but better because its less scripted. But taking the opponents accelerator on bridge stairs once again is overlooked and ignored by double legendary gear riders, the ones who cried about the lack of shards

de_dust, de_dust2. 24x7.

Hardly, ECHelon is truly a terrible map as far as balance goes. There are no positives, there are just negatives, and satisfactory parts. Overgrowth is, for all intents and purposes, the best Incursion map.

Monuments is confusing to others, but adds more complex strategy, and requires you to be more aware of your surroundings, however their thrall spots are terrible, and many parts of the map are death traps for characters like Caldarius and Benedict.

Echelon is the most cramped, most visualing distracting, and generally irritating map currently, it’s almost never picked because of how horrible it is in comparison to the other maps.

something that is essentially the same thing as having kleese or ambra on your team. it is hardly a power position. it rewards next to no xp, and really hardly even affects anything. the turret on overgrowth is a game changer. middle map is incredibly important on overgrowth, unlike monuments where it is nearly irrelevant. it undermines map control when there are 12 flanks to every position

Ignoring the back and forth on the actual design of echelon for a second. One of my main gripes with Echelon is that it is really, really, hard for me to keep track of players, minions, etc… There is so much visual noise, not to mention the color pallete itself, that makes that map just completely unpleasant, not to mention frustrating, to play on.

As for design, the layout has felt a little “off” when I’ve played it, but I’m sure that would change if I played it more. I’m not sure the ease of attacking the first sentry is a big deal either. I rarely have close Overgrowth games that get down to the second sentry. We’re either going back and forth between the first two sentries, or it’s a steamroll for one of the teams. It would be fun to have a game of Overgrowth that involved a back and forth between the two deeper sentries.

I guess I don’t have a defined set of rules as to what the perfect map is. As long as there aren’t any huge exploits it’s fine by me. I like variety and I don’t need a power point in the middle of every map I play or specific lane requirements to enjoy the battle. I agree Overgrowth is the best map (haven’t had a chance to play monuments enough yet though) but it’s still nice to switch it up once in awhile.

The reason Overgrowth is so popular is because it’s Incursion on training wheels. It’s a very basic map design that’s more casual friendly with tons of Shards and Buildables. Echelon and now Monuments requires more strategy, more skill, and more efficient spending.


Personally, I like echelon more to be honest.

First off it’s more flat. Flat is nice when you’re using range and you have just that much less to compensate for.

Two it’s much more roomier in the middle which allows for better fights with chances to escape and less interference by minions and buildables.

Third, as pointed out the buildables are not that great on Echelon but it’s not like the other team has better buildables either. I believe this just ups the importance of players and lessens the importance of AI and whatnot, which I personally enjoy.

I think all of the maps are worth playing but that’s not going to happen with the current voting system.

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