Please remove the surrender vote in Battleborn

I think a surrender vote discourages people to play from behind and makes people think that unless they are winning they are wasting their time in a match.

I used to play League of Legends and part of the reason I stopped playing was that certain people who arbitrarily decided that we could not win would sit in fountain and spam the surrender vote breaking the teams morale slowly forcing us to surrender anyways.

It is really discouraging to play when you have a person chat spamming the surrender vote and doing nothing at base.

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I could get behind only providing the Surrender option when a player on your team DCs. Create a timer that auto-DCs a player who hasn’t left the fountain area or moved within a certain amount of time.

All this is assuming Matchmaker does an effective job of creating balanced teams, obviously.

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Counter point: Last night, my team had 1 person disconnect during character select, and a 2nd character quit about 2 minutes into the match. Why should I, or either of the other two people on my team, have to sit through an entire match that we have very little hope of winning?


Have you considered just playing for the fun of it? You know, the game… for fun…?

That’s not the point. People can play for fun or for competition if they want to. And this can avoid players disconnecting early.

Fun? You mean… that subjective thing? That thing where what’s fun for one isn’t fun for somebody else? Your condescension is duly noted, though.


While I’m neither in favor or against removing the surrender option, playing when you’re one or more player down with no chance of winning isn’t fun. Your team will quickly end up well behind in levels with nothing to do but die repeatedly until defeat.

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“I’m not winning so I don’t want to play anymore”

Because you’re attitude is sooooo mature…

I like the surrender option personally, I mean I keep usually keep fighting till the end, since any damage you do, any minion you kill gets you more Character Rank xp and Commander xp.

But I can also see when for example in Meltdown, a score of 300 to 50, a surrender to just end the match so you can get into another rather quickly is preferable to sitting there for another 3-5 minutes or so trying to fight back, when there is really no chance for a ‘come from behind’ victory.

Now Incursion, I think there is always a chance for a come back, in fact I was looking in the challenges and there is award for coming back to win Incursion when your last sentry is at 25% or lower health.

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Dude, I don’t know what your issue is here. It has nothing to do with winning. It has everything to do with what I, or anyone else who may vote to surrender, considers fun. Grow up.


Doesn’t look like you’re in a position to call anyone immature.


What part of knowing your going to loose is fun exactly? We are playing this game with the hopes that through our skill and cooperation with team mates that we will win. Yes when an excellent match is played and i did not win I still have fun but playing a game with the cards stacked against you or your team that just can not rally is frustrating for understandable reasons and though i have seen the surrender option come up many times in a game. I have only ever had a game surrendered like 2 or 3 times in my 55 levels of playing this game.

The only time I’ve seen the “Your Teammate has asked for a Vote to Surrender!” is when I/we’ve been winning.


Haha Earlier, I was in a tied Incursion match. Not even 5 minutes in and someone voted to surrender. Naturally, the vote got denied. The player that wanted to surrender quit and we ended up losing. Womp womp.

Stop talking about other forum members and more about the game.

Be excellent to each other.

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A lot of people have been talking about if teammates leave. I did not think about that at all, thinking about it now I don’t think surrendering is the solution to that issue.

This is a separate issue about what you should do. At the very least if you have a teammate leave or disconnect for a set time everyone in the game should be free to leave the match and start another.

Are you bill or ted? :slight_smile:


The way the incursion is currently structured makes coming from behind almost impossible with a random team.

I am a cybernetic fusion of both. Feel my wrath of excellence, dude!

My only hope is that i get death to win the gane chosen…