Please remove visible Command Ranks from matchmaking

I see very little benefit to having them visible in the first place since they’re simply a metric of how much you’ve been playing and nothing more.
All they do is discourage players who don’t understand that command ranks mean very little in the grand scheme of things, and encourage them to abandon the match on a hair trigger because “we can’t win dude they outrank us gg”.


I’m behind this 100%
It’s especially ridiculous when a PvE player shows up with a huge level, surrounded by low level players, and then…
-The players on your team expect you to know what you’re doing, but you’re just as inexperienced as they are
-The other team gets demoralised, because they think you’re going to destroy them somehow, magically

Getting huge level disparity is natural with MMR and some players being more dedicated to PvE; only stepping into PvP occasionally. Showing that disparity has no use or constructive effect.


That’s…a really interesting idea.

I agree ranks shouldn’t be visible to prevent quitters, but it’s naive to think that they make no real difference. The higher command rank you have, the more experienced you are, and a team of 30s will roll a team of 3s into dust.
Experience is everything.


I agree all too often Ill que up for a match and as soon as a couple of 20+ players joins everyone under 10 on the opposing squad drops out. Its soo annoying, especially when like you said CR has nothing to do with skill level.

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Except you get command rank for doing anything.

Command rank has nothing to do with relevant experience.


Maybe an option to not show your rank at the least.

Yes, but it takes more than just idly playing the game to reach a respectable level. It’s around level 12 - 15 where I see players improve the most.

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What if they displayed character level instead? Then you might have some idea what mutations to watch out for and get some sense of how experienced a person is with that specific character?


They don’t mean much in the grand scheme of things? So a team of sub-level 10’s are going to be evenly matched against level 20-45 players, some of which who are in groups together?

Yeah…no. While I would agree that those levels aren’t an indicator of skill, there is no question whatsoever that someone who is level 45 is going to crush people below level 10. People below level 10 don’t even have everyone unlocked, have little in the way of helix’s, have little gear to choose from, etc.

I would rather see if a team’s experience vastly outweighs the other or not so we can have a better idea of what is wrong with the matchmaking system.

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That’s neither plausible logistically (what character rank do you display in the first place even?) or desirable because you can grind ranks in PvE just as you can grind your command rank.

You display the level of the character they are playing. Not sure why that’s confusing. And no, it isn’t perfect, but it is a far better indicator of a person’s experience with a given character than the command rank is. But that’s wouldn’t be relevant until they had chosen a character. So at the point where the match is initially thrown together, they could display nothing, as you suggested.

I was in a match where I was the only double digit level on my squad and we wrecked a squad that had 4 ppl over 20…just saying.


But they’re not playing any character at that point since you don’t pick your character before you enter the queue.

Yeah, I realize that and already edited the previous post to reflect that.

Ah, my mistake. I somehow glossed over that. :sweat_smile:

I actually think this could be a good idea.

Sure you could have someone who is command rank 40, but what if they have mostly played PVE, and this is their first time playing on a particular map (or mode) and they are trying out a character for the first time?

They will probably lose out to a command rank 9 who has played a specific map/mode/character combination 20 times already.

It’s pretty much impossible to have mastered all but a handful of characters by Rank 40 or so…and if you’re trying out a new character, new map, or new mode…you will likely struggle a bit compared to doing whatever it is that you did to get Rank 40.

If they have to have an indicator…what about a count of how many times a player has played that mode before?

If they want to have an indicator so you know what you’re going up against…# times playing that mode would be better than command rank.

However, I do agree that people drop out of matches when they see either their own team composition or the opponent composition…and that can be really frustrating…so I wouldn’t mind seeing them remove any sort of indicator…and let the game play out.


I’d sign the petition.
I think once Ranked games are implemented, that your ranking should be displayed, but that’s about it.

@uncia03 made a great example [quote=“uncia03, post:17, topic:1431042”]
Sure you could have someone who is command rank 40, but what if they have mostly played PVE, and this is their first time playing on a particular map (or mode) and they are trying out a character for the first time?

They will probably lose out to a command rank 9 who has played a specific map/mode/character combination 20 times already.

I´m CR16 so far and played my VERY fist PvP match yesterday. I was most horrible and died about 13 times. It was not so futile since we played in a nice team and all knew we were PvP-newbies.
But I fear for the day I´m matched with 4 gamers under CR5 - they´d just follow me into certain death, thinking I know what to do -.-

I love to see my rank growing, even if its meak compared to others.

So I had the idea of a coloured CommandRank number.
The color would indicate if you got a higher % of Exp through PvE or PvP.
PvP, dunno, purple and PvE in orange. Green for 50% / 50%. ratio of gained Exp.

I´d be a strong orange, just grinding PvE-Story for fun.
A hordcore PvP-gamer woud get a purple number.

If I increase CR through PvP my number would change green when I hit a 50-50 ratio in gained Exp from PvP/PvE. After a while it would turn purple, maybe at a 75-25 ratio of PvP-exp.

This way we could enjoy our CommandRanks and everyone could see what our main focus is on.
Just a little idea :heart:


Yeah… And remove yellow party bar too -because they’re in a party and we are not? No. The team that wins is the team playing better as a team. If you don’t want your teammate to quit, try helping them out. Numbers are a distraction, but good measures of competency to see before heroes are chosen. They make wins sweeter, and losing understandable. What’s next remove badges too. It’s about appreciation for the players, and the time they’ve invested in Battleborn, regardless of PVE or PVP. To reiterate, saving your low level team mate in a fight before you attack a thrall is more important to their decision to stay or go, rather than opponent skill level compared to their own. I enjoy playing with new players, but often its hopeless and there’s nothing I can do to keep them from charging into a bad situations.

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