Please revert Recursion changes

The two most fun weapons in the game, Recursion and Complex Root, are awful now. I just ran through Maliwan true takedown and while I was still able to do it, these weapons just feel like crap.

I understand they were very powerful. I understand that they caused performance issues. But there seriously has to be a better way to solve this problem. They are not even worth using now.

I don’t get why you can’t just put a cap on the number of projectiles that can spawn? That seems a lot more reasonable. You leave what is arguably a very interesting dynamic in the game (ASE elemental anoints create more projectiles), keep many weapons feeling as good as they do, AND balance the weapons a bit and improve performance.

I don’t care what anyone says, the game is just flat out less fun now. I really don’t even want to play. These weapons and others that could make use of extra projectiles are fun.

Also I know someone is going to sit here and say “you just want EZ mode” which 1) this game is EASY anyway, don’t know why you think a PVE takes some kind of skill, 2) it was about how fun the weapons were to use, they are not fun anymore, and 3) why do YOU care what I am doing in my game? If you don’t like it don’t use it, I never understand these people that are happy stuff gets nerfed into the ground.


the root still completely obliterates anything

If by obliterates you mean takes a full clip to kill a normal Maliwan trooper, then sure.

yeah sure, whatever you think. a ■■■■■■■ rad root without any bonus element can easily kill scourge and anathema which i deal decreased damage to.


I dunno what you are smoking, but the Root literally didn’t get changed.


yeah , although rng get reduced but still , i boot up the game and shoot recursion and unseen threat a few times and i immediately swap to ase monarch instead . And i just close game swap to a different game instead, i aint spending more time to get a new set of item before i get to enjoy the game, even then i felt like level cap could come real soon anyway