Please rework deande!

We originally went through so much trouble to unlock Deande when the game launched and when we finally get to play with her, it becomes painfully apparent that she is just average. I love Deande so much. I love how she talks and walks, but she is no where as good as most other characters in the game. Now, before I start, let me say that I do appreciate the buffs, but she needs more. Characters need to be good for PvE and PvP. She’s only decent at 1 of those (PvP). Her passive needs to be more consistent. If you miss that 3 second window for whatever reason, it’s gone. If you’re using holotwin to get away then your passive is meaningless, yet we have characters like Ambra, Pendles, Melka, and Benedict with their much better and much more consistent passives. 3 seconds after stealth is too short if you’re going to put a massive cooldown on her only slealth move that require LEVEL 9 to reduce, yet we have a character that can go stealth all the time like Pendles. Her talent does not benefit her in combat at all. Ambra and Miko are leagues faster than her and the animated opening makes it seem like she is shadowy and elusive, but that’s not her in game at all. “Maximize agility, mobility, and lethality”…What? She can’t run fast, she can’t wall jump; no shadow specter teleport, nothing! Phoebe is an advanced assassin as well. She’s a brawler who does a lot of damage, can teleport away, and can teleport and slow her targets. Also she’s good in both modes. Advanced characters are supposed to have a huge pay off to learning them (Caldarius, Phoebe, Reyna, Marquis, Montana, Thorn, Toby, etc) yet the payoff for playing Deande well is being average. Her life steal is crap compared to Rath’s. Pendles has a better Burst dash hitbox. She may “weaken” foes, but characters like Rath and Kelvin have massive hitboxes for their STUNS and SILENCES. She sucks at killing minions. Your most important job in PvP is to level up to be lethal and she struggles with that. Many other characters start out stronger than her. Lastly, I want to touch on some of her crap mutations when Phoebe gets a mutation that give her, her phasegate if her shields run out. Wondertwins is pointless (this goes back to how her life steal is just terrible) and beast of momentum is garbage just increase her mobility.

P.S. she should be able to dash in any direction period. It’s a pointless gimmick to have that as part of her helix.


Why do you say her life steal is terrible when there are helix choices to help it? Her passive is for Burst Dashing or meleeing to quickly kill. She’s actually great with minions. Her ult is amazing now. Some people don’t like Holotwinning into every direction (@SlifOne). You complain about her lack of PVE strength and mobility while simply saying a PVE oriented and mobility skill is useless. Apparently, some people now think that agility refers to lateral movement helix upgrades which she has while advanced means she has risky helices. And I can easily top damage with her in PVE.

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Compare her to other characters. Her Ult should not be the main source of damage and ultility. Orendi is good. Period. Her shadow Pillar does a massive amount of damage to minions and enemy battleborn alike. When she gets her Ult, it’s a nice [addition] to her gameplay; not the all encompassing bread and butter of her character and it shouldn’t be. Nor should it be for Deande. It’s not easy to argue that Deande is an amazing addition to the team unlike Pendles, Phoebe, Ambra, and Alani. And having agility means to have superiority in movement in general and that’s an aspect of her talent that is not very apparent at all.

First of all, being able to dash in any direction means you can still dash backwards, how would anyone complain about more choices? Secondly, helix choices are meant to make a character feel drastically changed, not be risky. Do you feel like your making a detrimental risk with any other character? Can you honestly say that you feel like if you had two Deandes that chose two different helix choices and feel they would be dramatically different builds? Unlike Orendi. Unlike Phoebe. Ambra. Alani. Etc. I understand she has a learning curve, but other characters mastered make a hell of a lot more of a difference to a match. The 10% life steal increase sounds nice on paper, but it is utterly useless. 10% of barely anything is, well just that. It is definitely not enough to mitigate the amount of damage other characters dish out. And yes the buff to blink storm is appreciated but with no other character do I feel I need their ultimate to be viable. Plus, it only does great damage 1v1 and she can still be hit by those that aren’t stunned. Doing the most damage in a match is very situational, (gear and experience of the other players considered). I understand your reasoning, I am very reasonable as well and see how she’s supposed to be played but when I compare her to the other Battleborn, I end up asking a bunch of “why is she like this, when this character has this”. A tank should not be out damaging me and having more health. A healer should not be sending me running.

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I love Deande in both PVE and PVP, but she is my go to Meltdown character and I’ve had my best games with her. I think she’s awesome at clearing minions. Though, I do augment Burst Dash to AOE straight away. I also miss uppercut.

The only changes I’d like to see are a serious movement speed buff and to decrease that damn windup before her ult. That drives me crazy.

Deande = Burst Dash—> Holotwin out----Blink (gaining weaken damage bonus + stealth damage bonus) BOOM to single target or groups.

Oh and you have a Holotwin running around after that combo if you goose the proper helix

In a perfect world where no character can stun, see you being cloaked, burst dash always hits, and wherein we all have our ultimate at level 1. By the way weaken doesn’t increase her damage, just decreases their damage by 30%.

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I agree about Blinkstorm. She also shouldn’t be able to get damaged while in blinkstorm. I understand where you’re coming from though. I go for AOE burst dash as well for minions. As I stated before. I love Deande so much it hurts lol because I think she has such a fantastic personality, but she’s just not fun [enough] for me. She needs more and she need to be much greater. She just isn’t the intense shadowy/stealthy character she should be. She’s alright, and we shouldn’t roll over and accept whatever.

Agreed, but I think most characters should take less damage/have immunity while in their ult. Getting shot out of the sky as Caldarius, getting dropped as Marquis, etc. Not cool.

I think Deande is way more than alright and the only changes I’d like to see are the ones listed, but to each their own.

there is a helix option to INCREASE damage to weakened opponents

im just trying to show how to stack what she has…you choose to play her as you see fit.

i also choose to build her with…

all safeties off
fan appreciation
drain dash
silent strike
ires echo
the culling
improved holographics

i only really pve but when i do pvp her i use AD + Move + Cooldown gear all greys.

You’re right she does have that as a helix choice. But once again other characters do not need helix choices or heavy leveling to feel “good”. Plus, I need to actually land burst dash for all her damage to come together, it’s unfair. At level 10 Deande feels like a level 5 Orendi, Ambra or Phoebe. I understand what you’re saying but can you honestly say she feels as useful as other characters without all the augments and gear?

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Can we all please stop looking primarily at Deande and her strengths and also look at her flaws in comparison to other characters. Do you know how many people were calling Pendles the “Real Deande” when he came out? He out stealths her and her passive (which is a main source of her damage output) relies solely on stealth alone. She needs more stealth options. Stop staring primarily at the positive (as if it outweighs the negative) and feel free to want more from her.

[quote=“AttnDefDis, post:5, topic:1543467, full:true”]The only changes I’d like to see are a serious movement speed buff and to decrease that damn windup before her ult. That drives me crazy.

This, so much. Why is Deande slower than Ambra? Deande is an agile super spy; Ambra is a floating space-wizard. They’re both melee characters, but Deande is supposed be be super mobile.

The problem with Deande’s ult is that it is crippled by PvP balance (one of the few times I’ll straight up say that PvP ruined something for PvE). In PvP, it’s a 3-4 second long AoE stun that deals a bit of damage (the damage is pretty trivial though since it’s only 10 attacks, regardless of how many targets you stun); done properly, you can basically wipe out an entire team by stunning them. In PvE, however, it’s utterly atrocious because it’s only useful as an AoE stun and, because you have to stand still for 3 seconds before it goes off), you end up dying when you most want to use it (e.g. when there is a horde of enemies directly in front of you). Also, it’s a reasonably short cone so enemies can pretty easily get out of it by rushing you or taking a few steps back (or stunning you).

I’ve got no clue what could be done to make Deande’s ult not suck so much in PvE while simultaneously not making it horribly OP in PvP. I’ve really just resigned myself to Deande being a mediocre character for PvE (I’ve been playing her a lot lately; she’s the last of the Jennerit I need to master).


its simple…she needs to be made invis EVERY time you activate blink. you hit blink and you go invis…do your damage and go back invis for a finite amount of time. people dont know what happened till you walk away.

Who isn’t slower than Ambra? LOL Like for real, that women moves very quickly.

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Not really. That would be a pretty significant advantage in PvP. Even if your silhouette is visible, it would be pretty easy to miss you in a melee (which is where Deande likes to be) and, as I said before, her ult is already damned good in PvP.

That’s the conundrum: anything you do to make it viable/useful in PvE is going to make it way too useful/effective in PvP unless you completely change the power.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind a complete rebuild of the power so that it activates instantly, targets everything in a small circle (about as big as her AoE helixed skill after the range increase) rather than a cone, and damages everything equally instead of only doing X number of hits. If it was tweaked like that, I’m pretty sure people would be okay with it having the stun reduced to 2-3 seconds.

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[quote=“Xelaris96, post:18, topic:1543467, full:true”]Who isn’t slower than Ambra? LOL Like for real, that women moves very quickly.

Pretty sure Ambra is normal move/sprint speed (I’ve been playing a lot of Attikus and Caldarius recently so my heuristic for “average speed” may be slightly high). Even so, the question is why Deande is so slow if Ambra is allowed to be so fast.

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