Please Save Resolution/Video Settings Per Computer

Normally having games sync setting across multiple computers via Steam Cloud is great, but having Homeworld Remastered sync the graphics settings is pretty inconvenient. I need different resolution and graphics settings depending on which computer I’m using.

I would really appreciate if the video settings were saved on a computer-by-computer basis, rather than re-use the same settings everywhere.

We’ve talked about this change - especially in light of Steam cloud synchronizing profiles across machines.

Out of curiosity what other settings do you think should be per machine instead of per-account?

Aside from Video settings, Audio settings are another. Different computers in different environments have different audio needs such as different volumes to account for different speaker types.

I could see people wanting different key bindings per machine because many laptops don’t have number pads for example, but I don’t think everybody could agree with that.

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Yes please.

I have HW:R on my desktop and laptop, and while my desktop can run HW:R in it’s full glory, the laptop would probably self destruct if I ran the game with the same settings.

I make zero promises (I can’t…) - but we’re aware of this and also see it as an issue to address. Cheers!