Please separate the PVP and PVE balance

“Balance is a journey” and that is very true and needs to happen for the PVP part of this game to stay fresh and fair. Getting there will take a lot of changes to be sure and I have no problems with them for the PVP aspect. The PVE side needs changes too but I think a more gentle touch is needed for that content.

I’ve never played a story mission and seen the same Battleborn over and over. So that means no Battleborn is OP in the story missions and thus mandatory. What I have seen is an absolute weakness in melee Battleborn where they are going down and respawning way more than others. So in PVE it seems like melee BB could use a buff in the defense department but that would hurt PVP. So the BB in PVE need a little gentle adjustment to make them better but that would be possibly bad for PVP.

Legendary gear is obtained from story missions bosses and is a big incentive for those who enjoy that type of experience. It can also be used in the PVP experience and that is gonna get tricky. I imagine they are going to add new legendaries with the DLC or I should say I have my fingers crossed since I already own the season pass and want new legendaries. So new legendaries get added and they are pretty good(How good is insert legendary? Turns out its prettttty good-kripp 2016) but they cause unforeseen problems in PVP. Now we get yet another round of flame threads of people upset that legendaries are causing problems for PVP and the PVE crowd is like no I like these legendaries. Not to mention the legendaries that grinder forever to obtain got changed and people feel upset to say the least.

I fell going forward if at all possible there should be a different balance for gear and possibly heroes. I don’t even know if this is even something that can be done but I have to voice my thoughts and hope others can add their thoughts as well. I certainly do not expect any response from GB about this but hey if one day something like this is announced then that would be “a poop your pants announcement” and I would be over the moon happy.

TL DR: I think that PVP and PVE should have separate balances going forward to help both modes.


PVE has no competition and most of the time is fun. This makes PVE to require much less balancing attention than PVP. And I agree, generally there have to be different approach: the key is how good every hero suits PVE rather than how good he is compared to other heroes.