Please shut FL4K's pet up

I’m loving the game so far, tons of fun. But I’m literally going insane having to listen to my Jabber making shrieking and guttural grunting noises EVERY 3 OR 5 SECONDS. Who designed this thing to make noises on loop that short? Do they hate headphone users? It’s driving me insane when I want to hang out around the ship or when I’m not in combat. Or I’m trying to listen to dialog.

If it was every 2 or 3 minutes that would be tolerable but every few seconds? It’s ear torture. Please give us the option to shut him up.


hear hear! the jabber is a cool pet, but could he maybe… not jabber on as much?


FL4K: “Lilith I found the…”
FL4K: “…I’ll get on that”
Jabber: *Making humping noises in the background"

…just going to fill in the rest of the story I missed out while being distracted by my pet, so FL4K found something that looks like those rocks from the movie Fifth Element, so he discovered that the 5th element was love and needed to “get on” Lilith to save the world. Right? Right… and the monkey joined in at some point. The end. 5/5 “It had sex in it” - IGN


Fl4k: You have a nose for treasure beast!


everyone: … just… what?

Either shut him up, or have him voiced by Morgan Freeman…


I use my Skag with an irradiated build JUST for this reason. I can’t stand my Jabber… jabbering every 2 seconds.

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If he was a really intelligent monkey that had Morgan’s voice and would talk for FL4K that… that would just be really special. I love that idea lol.


The more I think about it, I love it more and more.

Gearbox what the hell? Why didn’t you think of this?

Yeah, the noises it makes is really constant. Noticed it as well going around the ship. Started to really annoy me. Almost considering respecing to another pet or something, starting to drive me insane.

  1. Thank you guys because this thread genuinely made me laugh.
  2. There has been precedent for dialogue lines being removed in past BL games, like Krieg spitting hot fire, while on hot fire.

I am going to see if I can’t make a note of this somewhere.


Thanks for the heads up. I found the whole appearance/concept of that pet too annoying to try. Not sure where it came from. Frankly I would have preferred one of the large weird slugs from B1 (anyone remember those?).

It’s not just the Jabber though. When amara is affected by a status effect, she keeps screaming on and on and on and on. Perhaps reduce the frequency somewhat? That or add more variety to it.

I feel the same way. Having a simple toggle on/off pet sound or choosing a time delay would be quite helpful.

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Yeah I completely respected to Master tree just to use the Skag. Not as effective in combat considering the Jabber gets a gun and can handle enemies in the air. But he’s tolerable and dog like so he’s fun. Eridian Skag with pet damage skills is really… beastly… hehe. But I prefer Stalker skills when I’m online so I can heal teammates with health regen. But Master does have crazy damage output.

I’m really annoyed by my skag pet always standing right where I’m at everywhere. If I’m sitting still looking at all the loot badass drops, he will walk all around me causing me to move as well. That’s why I come here, I typed in fl4k pet annoying, and this is where it took me. I literally might start a new character because of this ■■■■


That’s what you get for playing the WoW Hunter.

Honestly though, I feel the same way about certain boss fights.

As a Fl4k player who quickly learned to tune out the pet noises (the Jabber noises remind me of Blanka), it certainly wouldn’t hurt my feelings if they were a little less frequent and in some cases not so obnoxiously loud. But they’re definitely not chasing me away from the character.


Yeah I notice he does shove me around and get in NPC’s ways… like I’m told to follow someone but they can’t move cause my Skag is busy taking a piss

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I did. I’m over it.

I love this… Like… This is probably the best thing I’ve read all day. Just imagining Vaughn standing there, staring at a pissong skag, you shouting… All of it is good.

OMG. This is 100% true. But Zane is even worse. He screams like a little girl every time a tiny flame licks his butt. Just listen to this nonsense.
Did the VA actor do a great job? Yes. Do I need to hear this every 5 seconds? Hard no.