Please stop asking for nerfs

This is not towards Gearbox. This is to the forum.

YOu few people, do you not see all the complaining? then you I see you say “Nerf the Q-System”. This is not PvP.

You don’t need to use it, it doesn’t ruin the game for you. Please dont ruin it for others.


no ■■■■, they already ruined the flakka , hex nades, and my other things about the characters and thier builds…


I wish I could “like” your post a trillion times, but yes, please stop with all the nerf requests. Gearbox should be ignoring them as the game was designed for a long time prior to release and then to start the nerf parade almost immediately is just plain stupid.

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Annointed militants need a nerf .its not acceptable for them to be invincable . Hardened baddass also need a nerf . A cooldown on rocket spam . Legendaries items dont need a nerf . We need legendaries to be legendary . Kinda hard for players to enjoy mayhem 3 with items being nerfed while also dealing with invincable ai enemies .

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I really don’t think this needs its own thread, thanks.

Continue in a topic where this is being discussed already, please.