Please stop having terror annoints appear outside of heck

The terror annoints are appearing way too often in comparison to the regular annoints with this Halloween event. Please keep terror annoints only in Heck. I don’t even mind the ghosts appearing in regular game, but these crappy terror annoints replacing the good annoints I want from regular game is ridiculous. Especially so, when I am trying to take advantage of the Mayhem Event this week. I could understand having these terror annoints drop in regular game if the event was say for a week only, but for 6 weeks of this…


“BuT TeRrOr GeAr Is sO GoOd, So ManY CombInaTions”

Expect this response anytime soon. They don’t understand that we don’t want to use the terror gear. I don’t want it, I don’t need it, and its in 70%-80% of all the weapons/shields/grenades drops. Give me a break I don’t even want to play or farm right now.

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But adding an event toggle button on the dedicated event tab already in the game menu, when we know it’s activated by a flag via hotfix, is super duper hard, guys.

i agree with OP, i feel that the terror annoints are interfering with the 10th anniversary increased annointed event. to the point they are terror annoying, to me the non-event annointed seem to appear way less, since bloody harvest started.