Please Stop Hotfixing

This is not a competitive game. If you are going to hotfix and change the game/guns/builds weekly (THE WORST IDEA EVER) you need to severely reduce/remove the cost of respec and expand storage dramatically. Otherwise you nerf guns/builds into oblivion and make people respec, then change it again later, bringing back usefulness of items that had once been completely killed. Change for the sake of change is dumb. If people want to ruin their experience by exploiting your game, let them. You already made your money off them. Leave the game alone! For the love of Jerry Seinfeld, what is with all the changes?!?! It’s not an improvement. Let people learn and understand the game, expand on what characters can do to diversify builds, quit nerfing skills and items. It’s a fun game to play, but this is exactly why I’ve stopped playing other games. Too many changes for no reason. It’s not fresh, it’s frustrating. Several in my regular group have said the same and are already giving up until the first DLC just to avoid all the nonsense. I don’t blame them. Take a month or two off and just come back when you get your house in order.


It seems their goal is to get people to stop playing


I played the others for years and years, finding awesome stuff in the story I missed, fun in the DLC’s, new builds I hadn’t thought of before. Tons of fun with the game, each character with their own bank space (not shared) so I could keep things for that character’s specific builds. My friends and I have dumped a TON of time into the games and had fun the whole way… and now… the brick wall… and not the good kind of Brick that punches things…


All the Hotfixes, yet not one things has been fixed that needs to be fixed. It is a control thing. These guys are all about control. They could care less about the customer, the casual everyday gamer. They make these hotfixes based on the garbage streamers who over shadow builds and weapons. Making them look to OP, when the weapon isn’t OP, it is that particular build or character that combo. So change the combo, don’t nerf the weapon.
Look at Zane, weakest player in the game, still not fixed. The rough Rider + Infiltrator hasn’t worked since day one, your dam is not being buffed for not having a shield


It’s hilarious how many “big” streamers don’t understand the game at all. They haven’t taken the time to learn it. Most items they “highlight” completely change with the next drop, and the next, and the next. One specific perk they highlight is completely a function of the parts the item is composed of and isn’t specific at all to that item. People gobble it up though, grind for it, and find it doesn’t work at all as advertised. Or they don’t show their guardian rank, or their modifiers, they literally don’t understand the core components of what makes borderlands loot work… and they make money off idiots.

Honestly i think the majority of the changes theyve made are good

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It’s bizarre skimming through these topics.

It’s vanity to think a video game developer is out to ruin your particular brand of fun. They continuously tweak the game so it performs the way they envisioned, period. There’s no conspiracy, just bugs and oversight that needs fixing, so it gets fixed as time permits.


I can see an argument for some. Overly broken gear or unintended synergies maybe, but one big patch… later. Not weekly nerfs and crappy balancing stuff for a non-competitive game. Also, as stated above, most broken things are still broken. Allowing a community of streamers with nothing but time to dictate the ebb and flow of your game is ludicrous.

The problem with your take on this is that nothing gets fixed. They need to leave the game play alone, and start working to fix the real issues. Like how broken so many things are on Zane, performance, etc. The hotfixes are nothing more than control. Little man getting satisfaction controlling others. In the real world we call the little man syndrome


Can any one explain any new builds as result of the hotfix, anyone at all?

Making existing ones weaker DOESN’T add more builds, it just make existing ones worst.

The only meaningful hotfix is shield autopick since the game launched.


it seems that they learned a lot from the creators of Divison 1+2

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No one is trying to control you

When you have 150 videos out there of how to beat the game by pressing a button, nobody buys. It’s not that they are controlling us, it’s their money grab for others. Also, since Fortnite and other games became so popular, now you need to “update” (I use that term loosely) your game all the time to keep it new. It’s garbage.

Totally disagree. Why do you think Randy releases Golden keys and only gives you 2-3 hours to use them. Knowing most people with jobs and a life will never be able to use them. It is a control thing. is personality carries over to the staff, control, control, control.
He could easily make those keys available for a day or more, yet he only did it once and only because of the negative feedback.
It is all certainly about control.


Control is an illusion. Want him to not control you? Don’t play. Nobody controls you. This game isn’t going to stop my heart if I set the controller down.

Please use an existing thread to discuss this topic.

One is Enough.

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