Please stop nerfing characters

I understand the buffs and overall fixes with characters abilities, but i really dont understand why is nerfing characters a thing in borderlands 3, fl4k is just less fun to play with that nerfs and fl4k isnt that strong like u know…salvador or krieg. Its really unecesary to nerf characters abilities in a PvE game unles its a game breaking abilitie like the caige bug in Bl2 and even then is almost mandatory used in speedruns and very entertaining to watch and do in vanilla Bl2.

Borderlands is not competitive and it think that if a character is under-powered for some reason, is better to just buff this character to be more fun to play with intead of nerfing other characters in order to give an opportunity to the other characters or maybie make them better to be at the same level . We had BROKEN characters before, and even then, those characters doesnt put a side the other ones, and shine for how fun those characters are.


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