Please stop nerfing. Please start fixing

Guys, why are you focused on nerfing things, when your endgame is unplayable in several aspects? The point of the game is to have fun. Not constantly being annoyed that you’ve jacked with my guns/build to make me weaker, while so many things still just really suck.

Pro tip, Graveward is not the basis to make your nerfs. Just accept that you created a piss easy meme of a boss, and if people want to spend time repeatedly smashing him, theyre gonna.

Don’t cripple my build because you made a terrible boss.

Why don’t you guys start with getting the Gunner action skill to actually be usable in ANY mayhem mode.

Or you could make the beast master pets not die in literally 2 seconds.

Any number of IMPROVEMENTS you could focus on.

Please stop weakening player builds when you have so much that does not work. Stop breaking what works, and start fixing the things that don’t.

Just because a gun Is fun to use, doesnt mean you need to swoop in and brick it because we aren’t using the others enough.

So frustrating to be fighting the Devs, and the annointed/badasses. Really annoying guys, for real.

Please, cut the crap and get focused.


I have an impression of deja vue

i mean, i use it frequently in mayhem 3 to charge my shields and give myself unlimited ammo for 5 seconds, and its still good at killing groups of enemies for me

and if we want to talk about useless action skills, krieg had an entire build that didnt even touch the action skill, in fact if you used that buzzsaw rampage, you were harming your build

The leave no trace “fix” is yet another hilarious knee jerk over correct. Its literally unusable.

In a Graveward test (because that’s how these guys base their fixes), it is literally a fraction of a second longer that you can fire with the skill maxed, than without.

And that’s in a perfect world immobile enemy with a critzone the size of a barn.

Its like 5 seconds you can fire without reloading with the perk, opposed to 4.26 seconds without.

THREE skill points for not even a full second more fire.

Hilarious. Who is testing these “fixes”?

You literally just deleted the skill.

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Please post in an existing thread on this topic, thanks.

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